What are your unpopular cycling opinions?

Yeah, I know a lot of factories in Taiwan are still hand making frames, so I dunno why the folks at the handmade festival are using that term to differentiate their stuff?. I know many commercial metal bikes are hand-welding, but these robots are probably really good at welding and could do a better job than I could with the TIG right now. I worked as a brazer making heat exchangers, and I thought about going into framebuilding but I couldn’t handle dealing with picky cyclists all day everyday. I became an ironworker/welder instead. I still ride carbon bikes though, and those are definitely hand made.


Custom frames are like the gluten free diet of bike production.

It’s a fantastic solution to a problem most people don’t have.


I think his video quality is quite good from a scenery capturing and ride perspective, but I do find him kind of hilariously annoying. Seeing him photo bomb an interview with Isabel King (on Delaney’s channel?) was a classic.

Also, “I’m blind in my left eye right now because of a concussion, but that’s OK. I’m used to it - your boy used to do MMA” or whatever is easily the most memorable line on cycling Youtube I’ve heard.


The current recipe thread is why so many people don’t like cyclists; someone makes a joke and every cyclist has to over-analyze it, explain why the OP is wrong and argue their mundane opinion :cry:


Right? I thought it was a pretty good analogy for a problem that’s brought up again and again here and on the podcast and lot of places. But it’s not a perfect model for all of training so we must correct it!


Same reasons restaurants all advertise “Homemade pie.” Words are meaningless :smiling_face_with_tear:

Ha I was thinking the same thing. The forum is almost becoming painful to visit because it’s just a bunch of arguing about why someone is wrong. The Keegan posts are the same. Nobody can be happy he’s a good bike racer because he’s not “world tour” or from Europe I guess. Can’t we just let the dude be good and dominate how he wants?


Mechanical shifting sucks

Come at me now :grin:


This reminds me of mine: the vast vast majority of people who claim that electronic is “far superior” to mechanical shifting had poorly setup mech setups. :stuck_out_tongue:


The need to think about 5+ batteries in preparation for longer rides sucks. :wink:


The only benefit of mechanical is not having to charge batteries every once in a while (hence why I use it on some bikes)…other than that I’ve recently learned that it merely takes a (new) cable not running well into the housing to significantly impact shifting quality apparently…so I’ll stick with my contrarian view on mechanical groups :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve known more people lose front / rear / all shifting with electronic gearing in the last two years than ever with mechanical shifting (that wasn’t a cable tension tweak to fix).

And in the worst case that a cable snaps, it’s pretty simply to jerry rig the rear derailleur to be stuck in a sensible gear rather than the 11 cog with mechanical.

Battery life is one thing but there seem to be an extra class of technical gremlins with Di2 & AXS. Mainly Di2 cables getting cut when people remove and replace their seatpost on a trip, but also general water ingress seem to be a problem for some.


Mechanical vs. Electronic is the Tubular vs. Clincher of yore.

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Tubular tyres may not be faster but are much nicer to ride than tubeless as well as lighter and safer.


Can certainly guess his unpopular opinion of electric shifting


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It’s a matter of taste.


Partially thanks to him, I switched to Red etap (I was looking for any excuse to switch at that time, really for no good reason).

At any rate, I don’t own any electronic shifting bikes anymore and don’t have any plans for electronic in the future. In fact, I’m trying out single speed next year.


This seems to have popped off again, particularly in the NBA. It’s an unpopular opinion apparently, but the fact remains:

American’s, your national series (football, baseball, basketball, hockey, triathlon, gravel, whatever) are NOT a World Championship.


Wait. You’re telling me Arnold might not be the fittest man in the entire Universe?