What are your unpopular cycling opinions?

What you may see as bias against roadie/racing I see as general ignorance of that area, in favor of focus on touring, casual riding, retro styling, etc.

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OK, I don’t follow the channel closely (but I do watch some of his vids) and never got that aspect from what I saw. In those instances, is he blaming the event for what is actually his poor planning and such?

If I recall he and his spouse tried using TR to prep for Unbound and fared poorly.

He blamed the weather, the wind, and his own lack of training due to MT winter/spring. Nothing blaming the event IIRC. I don’t know if he was underprepared but the videos he made leading up to the event sure seemed like he and Laura were putting in the work. “Alt-cycling at party pace” isn’t going to be a workable strategy for a 200 mile gravel race unless one really truly confronts the idea that they’ll be out there for 20+ hours - which I don’t think they really did.

His real claim to fame is being the most hate-watched non-road cycling channel on Youtube. I have no idea why he makes people so irritated but he does. They even bullied him out of the Bicycle Counter Culture Slack group which if you know anything about that group, is both hilarious and crazy sad.


Thanks for the context. I :rofl: at also being a fellow MT rider that did what I needed on my trainer to be ready for events this year despite the terrible Winter & Spring seasons. I get that he is pointed in a different direction than I am overall and may not want to toil away like I do, but weather is a poor excuse these days IMO.

I’ve followed them loosely since shortly before they started their Brompton tour. They seem like nice people who have a general disdain for performance-oriented cyclists and cycling products that comes off as morally superior and cloying in his videos.

You now have me curious about the Bicycle Counter Culture Slack group. Is it worth checking out?

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I remember seeing some of his video about Unbound. I don’t recall watching about their preparation. Obviously they’re focus is the party pace but at unbound you definitely need to go in knowing it’s going to be a long day. But honestly, if they came in unprepared they would be far from the only ones.

It had no idea he’s so hated. I get performance cycling isn’t his thing and he’s made the occasional weigh weenie comments and the like but I guess I haven’t watched enough videos where I got the idea that he had a disdain for performance cycling. I get it’s not his thing. Maybe I just don’t watch enough of his videos. I only watch them if he’s talking about a product I’m interested in

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I also think it depends on what you are looking for.

My friend is the epitome of “party pace” and really resonates with PLP. Sends me a bunch of his videos all the time, which I usually lack interest in.

That does remind me of why I enjoy Hardtail Party videos… he’ll flat out say “yeah, I’m bringing a full suspension next time I ride that”. Recognizes that there are certainly better tools for certain trails and conditions.


Handmade frames are overrated.


In that same vein - tubing specs for steel bikes are important. There are way too many neophyte custom builders working with steel who read one Richard Sachs article from the 1980s and decided they could just pick whatever tubing and not disclose the wall thickness or butting profile.

Yeah Sachs or Nobilette or Kirk can mix and match and make a great frame. Guy/Gal who is barely on their 10th frame? I want to know what you’re using and why.

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I had no idea other people weren’t fond of PLP. Hard to put my finger on it, but something just rubs me the wrong way about his channel. I had to tell youtube to stop recommending it after I watched him say he was gonna ride 100 miles on this video and he just gave up 2/3rds of the way through? I can’t remember the details exactly but it just seemed like someone without a ton of skill or grit on the bike. Maybe I got the wrong impression though.


I mean he’s into the party pace and bikepacking biking. More prioritizing being on the bike for pure enjoyment rather than performance or grit. Not that those type of cyclists can’t have grit but I can totally see the attitude of just stopping when you’re not enjoying the ride anymore rather than grit your way through it


Yet almost all frames are actually handmade.



Back in my day we just called it stretching! LOL.

Yeah I guess I just don’t find that compelling enough to watch on YouTube. I did go back and peruse the channel history to refresh my memory and he’s obviously an experienced cyclist. I’m really surprised after practically living on his bike for several years that he struggled with DK200, I would think someone who tours that much would have no problem with the longer distances.

Anyway, leaving this topic now because I’m not trying to jump all over PLP. Everyone can ride their bike how they desire.


I’ve got a soft spot in my heart for Vegan Cyclist. He kind of acknowledges that he’s a bit of a tool, but it’s hard to hate on ‘your boy.’ Just watched his UnboundXL video. As a piece of content, it’s really, really well done (footage and editing).


His content has gotten really good over the years. The Impossible Ride series he’s doing with Jeremiah Bishop is phenomenal.


There’s the unpopular opinion that finally annoyed me :rofl:


Mission accomplished.

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