What are your unpopular cycling opinions?

You are wrong, so I guess you are right? Best upgrade ever is AXS on the MTB. My thumbs stop working at the end of a race and just pushing a button is way more better.


Yeah, for guys like me that prefer integrated parts, the algorithm is:

  • Know your fit
  • Buy a bike that fits you
  • If it doesn’t exist, build your own.

Which is exactly the problem…I know my fit and my fit is not available for integrated systems and it is prohibitively expensive to therefore buy the bike that “fits” me. I need to buy another set of HB (if they are even available) which will cost ~$500, and then pay the shop to swap them (another few hundred $$) or spend hours wrestling with it myself.

Many riders face this dilemma.

So I opt for bikes with exposed cables. Makes like much easier.


Yeah, it is mostly the clickbait-y YouTube tropes that turn me off more than the cyclists themselves. They all do that to some extent, I guess the algorithm kind of demands it. But I do like Rick Beato and Paul Davids for music, Tom Scott for random science stuff, Alan Thrall for lifting, Shiey for crazy European vagabondery and GothamChess (in small doses) for… chess.

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