What are your unpopular cycling opinions?

This idea of pointed toes as “sign” of a high saddle height needs to die….it does not necessarily indicate a saddle that is too high. Some people simply have a toe down pedaling style.

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I do too. But pointing down your toes in the downstroke at 6‘ o clock and simultaneously rocking your hips is definitely a sign. Coupled with way too high knee angles, voilà your saddle is too high.

I‘m not a bikefitter, but does this look right to you?

I’m not a fitter, but drawing conclusions based on 1 static photo isn’t the best idea.


Yeah, you’re right. He might be coasting. his leg is almost fully extended, knee angle between 170-180 when it should be for most folks around 140. there is nothing else to conclude. saddle seems way too high for me. if this is how this guy pedals what muscle groups does he activate? seems like a deadspot to me, maybe the hipflexors and lower back are working with the leg extended like that but other more knowledgable people might know better. AFAIK you should have power troughout the stroke and not just from 1 to 4…

this is maybe anecdotal and not applicable to where you ride but I see lots of folks on group rides (“cyclists” not casual commuters) with rocking hips, pointing down toes in the 6 o’clock position and overextending their knees (like the guy above). You’re better off with a saddle that’s too low than too high. and many people certainly run high.

I had a retül fit 3 years ago which put my saddle at 80.5cm. had numb nuts on the ride home and have since lowered it by 2cm. feels much better and I feel stronger troughout the pedal stroke. you can easily just try it out and go back if you don’t like it.

Heel is down and looks like he’s settle into that position. I just jumped on my trainer next to me to test and its easy to settle into that position when not peddling. We can’t draw any conclusions from one pic with zero context. :wink:

yeah, maybe you’re right it was a bad example. that is just one pic on the internet that I’ve recently seen that I remebered to show what I mean. my argument still stands that most people could lower the saddle into a more powerful position tough. feel free to disagree. it’s an unpopular opinion after all as others scoffed at me pointing it out to them.

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I do actually agree with that statement :smiley:

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Everyone should own at least one fixed gear bike and as this is the unpopular opinion thread, I don’t care that you live in the Alps. :stuck_out_tongue:


Running is a fitness contest.
Cycling (racing) is a game with a fitness element.


Next you’ll tell people they shouldn’t slam their stem and have a 140mm stem :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Are you telling friends their seat is too high or strangers? Most people aren’t too receptive of a stranger giving advice as they don’t any idea what your knowledge is

I usually don’t tell anyone to do anything, don’t want to be “that guy”. I don’t try to be a smartass to people. I just suggest based on personal experience, observation and testing things out myself. Usually you don’t see yourself cycling so I state my observation and suggest trying to change something based on my personal experience. I don’t ride up to strangers and tell them to do X or Y. It’s usually friends or ridebuddies who “know what they’re doing”. I’ve since stopped saying anything because everyone seems to be so weird about it. It’s probably just me that’s weird.

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As the great 21st Century philosopher Roland Givens once said…

(No, I am not calling you an a**hole :wink:….your post just reminded me of that clip)

And if anyone has not watched Justified, you can thank me later for the hours of trainer entertainment I just gave you. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. It is one of my Top 5 All-Time shows.


Oh. The classic “no offense but….” followed by a statement meant to offend. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


New Sram Eagle AXS transmission will have better shifting and reliability than current AXS.

Apparently this is an unpopular opinion judging by the YouTube commenters.


Incorrect…the potentially “offensive” statement preceded the exclusionary sentence.

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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It’s wild how much hate this thing is getting. Some youtubers act like it’s not going to work at all. Cmon, you think they spent multiple years on this just for it to not work? Like I get you’re a mechanical engineer or whatever, but I doubt you know more than a bunch of mechanical engineers dedicated to bike engineering working on this project for years.


I think the problem with some youtube channels is that if your shtick is to be contrarian, you’re going to be contrarian no matter what. Something something everything’s a nail.


Tom Nichols wrote a whole book about this trend…



Yeah, but what does he know? :upside_down_face:


Yeah, it’s mostly just a change in the mounting system. It’s still a traditional derailleur; they’ve been around for nearly a century now… kinda hard to screw up at this point.

Maybe all the reactions are big because Sram is also treating this like a revolution. A bit of hyperbole with “not a groupset, a transmission”, etc…

At any rate, I think it’s neat they can remove limit screws. I like the shifting buttons… No need to have the old school (i.e., mechanical) layout when this isn’t an old school system. Plus, the groupset just looks pretty, no doubt about that.
I still plan on sticking with Shimano because it still just works, but competition breeds innovation.