What are your lesser known cycling tips?

Related to the groupset manual…download the geometry chart for your frame, while your bike is still getting sold. Saves you a lot of measuring when you’re looking for another frame.

Completely unrelated to the above. When you’re planning a long ride, cook something (real food) the day before that will just need heating up.


Sandwich thins (like this sort of thing) are almost exactly jersey pocket sized and are perfect for mid-ride jam sandwiches, the best fuel source know to man.


New use for these! Thanks for the idea!

Not sure if these are available outside the US, but they are a perfect “put it in your pocket” gas station food imho.


Lol…sometimes my ride length and intensity is dictated by whats available behind the refrigerator door prior to departure.

Leftover pad thai? 4 hour tempo
Chicken and rice for the 5th day in a row? 2 hr endurance lol


Been eating these lately, but not on the bike…. Good idea :+1:t2:

Ive never seen them in the UK but they look :yum:


We keep these for the kids’ lunches. But, more than once, I’ve definitely grabbed one from the freezer and thrown it in my jersey pocket…


Some people grab them from the freezer on hot days so they defrost the jersey pocket. Apparently extra nice this way in the chocolate variety.


Cut a small scrap of microfiber cloth and tuck it into your shorts leg or in your pocket. I hate having something on lenses or garmin screen.

Put one of these or one like it in your flat kit or wherever you want to carry it. I once had a bar and had something stuck in my teeth for hours and it made me crazy GUM - 6504R6 Soft-Picks Advanced Dental Picks, 60 Count (Pack of 6) https://a.co/d/3x56wPG

On long rides carry extra calories in case your pal forgets. You won’t love riding home at 12mph because your pal you can’t leave out there bonked.

Get your heart rate monitor strap wet all the way wet before putting it on. A wet strap doesn’t slide down when you’re getting ready. And use electrode gel on the contacts areas. And take it apart regularly or it will salt its way to destruction (wahoo!)

Put a dab of white lithium grease on the pedal contact area if they’re creaking and making you nuts. Also keep them clean and seriously try to avoid stepping in dirt when you’re taking a whiz mid ride or the pedals will start talking.

Always say hi to the new guy and drag him over to your friend group.


Prepare your recovery potion before the ride and you’ll look forward to it from the halfway point of the ride. Have it ready and in the fridge. There’s something oddly powerful about it waiting for you.


Your hydraulic brakes leaver feels spongy but you don’t have time for rebleeding? There is a short term fix for this:

  • Pull the spongy leaver and secure it in this position with a strap or electric tape
  • Leave for the night or at least a few hours

The next day it should be good enough for a few hours ride :grinning:


Have a snack and ride your bike


If you want to go faster push down harder.

I should be a coach. :laughing:


No seriously though, sometimes it takes a lot of energy to save energy. Counterintuitive but, certain courses and fields it’s just better to be up front pushing it rather than dealing with the rubber band stuff and fighting for position.

  1. If you’re good at stripping screws, these extractors are something you’ll occasionally be very very thankful to own. Just posting here since they were on my clipboard from recently sharing on a slowtwitch.com forum thread.

  2. Buy a mountain bike and learn to corner like a mountain biker. It will make you a better road/TT cyclist.

  3. Sleep more if you care about your performance.

  4. If you’re going to learn to work on your own bikes, pay someone to teach you. It will pay for itself very quickly, even if it is very expensive up front.

  5. Don’t make nutrition discussions all or nothing. There don’t need to be different camps of zealots.

  6. Don’t make training discussions all or nothing, either.

  7. Aerodynamics, especially body position, still matters while drafting. A lot. Your head position is important. There is a reason bobsledders study head position obsessively, even (and especially) for the 3rd and 4th person in the sled.


In case you don’t know, you get set of longer bits we call them “Easy Outs”. used for when you snap the head off a bolt completely… you drill a hole through the bolt (at a smaller diameter than the bolt) then inset the Easy out, which is left hand threaded, and as you tighten it in, the bolt works itself out.

They’re good for stuff bigger than M6 (ish) up to about M12… but care has to be taken not to snap them if the bolt is seized…


This one might surprise some?

DO NOT ‘move in’ to that new smart bike you bought. Well, unless you have a lot of luck with them, and/or like taping handlebars. I just shipped my 4th(?) Neo Smart Bike back, after ‘moving in’ with gravel bars, and a fancy seat. I also double wrapped the bars too making it double effort/expensive to swap the old bars when it needs to go back to the Mothership. I got sick of doing it with the Kickr Bikes, and just ended up swapped seats and pedals. It just wasn’t/isn’t worth it to waste that much bar tape and effort. Thought this one was a keeper, but anyway.

Oh, I guess double wrapping indoor trainer (smart bike or standard bike-on-trainer) bars is a tip that many probably do. It just feels better, and often the tape they use is ‘inexpensive’, and if you really ride it a lot (sweat), you are going to want to swap the tape anyway, and double wrapping seems to buy more time between that happening, except for above. But maybe that’s not so uncommon (double wrapping bars)?


This is a good tip.

Tho I would also suggest trying to have it without bar tape. I got it in my head somewhere that this should “toughen me up”. Its a different feel definitely but it also makes sure that I get my hands in the right position :stuck_out_tongue:

:flushed: I tried going glove-less and sock-less, and it was just to painful. This was riding outdoors, but it was just awful. Sure, I’m sure that if I stuck with it, I’d get callouses and be that ‘weathered old biker’ that people seem to see in fleeting moments on long group bike rides, but I just couldn’t. Walking after a ride is just too important. So is not ruining shoes with blood, and well… The blisters were stacking on top of each other.

(I took guitar lessons and the high/thin strings cut into fingers too. I couldn’t have an IT job, AND take hard, heads down guitar lessons too. OUCH!)