What are you wearing to Gran Fondo Hincapie-Greenville 2022?

I spend too much time on the trainer to know how to dress for this.

It looks like the temp will be mid 40’s at the start and will increase up to around mid 60’s by mid day.

I’m guessing layering makes the most sense, but I’m wondering does that mean: light jacket, vest, jersey, base layer? Arm warmers? What about bib pants vs leg warmers. Shoe covers?

I live about an hour away. It will be sunny, so that should help. I’d wear a base layer, jersey, and arm warmers, plus a vest. I’d probably skip the knee warmers and just wear bibs, but I find knee warmers make my knees sweat when I warm up. Those will be hardest to take off while you are riding so, that would be my choice. I’d wear toe covers, not shoe covers, wool socks and full finger gloves. You probably don’t need ear warmers. I think it will start cold, but warm up pretty fast and by the end, probably will be very nice.

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Ridden this 3x. I usually have arm warmers (taken off at the first rest stop), base layer, jersey, bibs. I might wear gloves but take them off after the first rest stop. What’s cold is waiting to start (about an 45 minutes).

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