🐢 What are the SLOWEST tires available? Need to increase resistence

There are also many problems with a tandem. Besides the obvious one of looking like a pair of dweebs, they are very expensive, I have no idea where I would store one, or if I could even transport one without becoming a Van Guy.

As an owner of a minivan and tandem I resemble that remark.



Anything by Maxxis

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Not in UK, often cheaper than your basic carbon road bike.

Ride a Bike-Friday Al Packa whilst shes on an MTB.

Late to this party, but I am self-important famous for running the “slowest Venge ever” the last few years. My training setup was purposefully maintained to keep my speed down on training ride since I had a limited strand length where I liked to do interval work. I would get a 2-3mph average difference (17-20mph) between my setups on equivalent intensity rides. So what I did:

  • Bar bag: this is huge. It’s a parachute on the front of your bike, and you can carry all your tools and extras in it keeping your jersey clean and pro.
  • Slow tires: I run Pirelli Cinturatos which feel WAY better than Gatorskins, are largely bombproof, and tubeless setup is a snap. Great road training tire but pretty slow (faster than knobby tires, though).
  • Box rims: find someone selling off their stock cheap rims and make them your training set.
  • Breezy helmet: especially on hotter days I wear my S-Works Prevail which relative to an aero road helmet is like a wind brake on your head.
  • Position: Sit up on the hoods. Usually a good idea to train in the drops since that’s where we race, but if you need to slow down, sit more upright and you’ll open up your hips and be able to do a bit more power too.

You could wear a club fit jersey too, but I never did, don’t like that fit.


I really appreciate everyone’s help here. As an update, we still haven’t been out on a ride together. It’s been cold, rainy and then we had our son’s wedding. She was afraid of falling and getting skinned up. Hopefully we’ll do our first ride this week.

Here’s what I have done so far: I bought the biggest bar bag I could find. Mounted a set of old, cheap Kenda tires on cheap wheels. I will run a low air pressure. I upgraded the groupset on her new Specialized Sirrus X from 1x9 to 1x11. And I floated the idea of me riding out ahead sometimes and then coming back. She seemed receptive.

Thanks again for all the helpful suggestions. I’ll let you know how we progress.


When i ride with my wife I’ve just accepted I’ll be riding slowly and use it as a recovery ride. There’s basically nothing I can do to make up the difference. I sometimes accidentally drop her while soft pedalling. But she’s getting fitter fast.

Sometimes I’ll drop her off at home and then extend the session or ride a hard ride before. I think it’s pretty good for my training tbh, it’s 3-4 hours extra weekly, and even though it’s basically Z1, i feel like it has to have some kind of benefit.

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Slowest tire for resistance is one tied behind you dragging it.


[quote=“kurt.braeckel, post:66, topic:92448, full:true”].
You could wear a club fit jersey too, but I never did, don’t like that fit.

This is funny because when training I usually just throw on a t-shirt. :rofl:

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I think you need a (or several) old school dynamos. An Lun Dynamo Generator Left 6V/3W Chrom Bicycle Vintage Light Aluminium | eBay Shimano DH-3D37-NT Dynamo Front Disc Hub (Silver) (Centerlock) (10 x 100mm) (36H) - Performance Bicycle and maybe a bullhorn powered by them to help “encourage the team”!

Now that I think about it, bet you could modify one of the DIY ebike kits to charge the battery from the motor based on throttle input rather than applying boost. If you got really clever I bet you could build an F1 style hybrid that (VERY) slowly charges your battery so you can use all that goodness in 1 big sprint or climb.

This would be really neat, it would be erg mode for outside rides.