What advice do you have to junior racing?

Juniors racing advice!

@Mylesmn1 Are you looking for advice for you as a junior racer or as a parent/coach of a junior racer? Furthermore are you seeking training advice?

I’m a junior racer looking for advice in general.

  1. Find a club as will help you make some good connections.
  2. Attend some coaching / training sessions
  3. Take part in different types of racing road / MTB / cyclocross
  4. Speak to the riders who are wnning races. Ask about there training and how you can improve.
  5. Enjoy it.

@Mylesmn1 have fun. You are young. Don’t get caught up in all that 1% stuff. You don’t even know what your body will be like in 5 years. So ride a lot and have fun.

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Join a team. You will be surprised how helpful experienced team members can be. Try different disciplines. Developing skills and good riding habits is just as important as physical training.

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