Juniors racing and training

How do you guys think juniors can get faster?l

Having started on a junior team myself, I found the best way to help juniors get faster is to keep it fun and not worry about structure as much in the beginning. Promoting good form and technique through drills and fun games will allow the juniors to get faster in the future years when you do introduce that structure.


Dear Ian! You are right, fun at this age is a key to keep them motivated. however I think the increase of power and being stronger and stronger is also a good motivation. In our case we are about to finish the last junior distance in triatlon next year and a year after we will be introduced to the Sprint distance. My question is that is there any TR workout plan for shorter distance than sprint. I think about using the sprint distance plans since the intensity itself is already there but the distance is not 20km but 12km. 3 for run instead of 5. Any other suggestion? Thanks!

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