Weird stuff is happening

Ok so I suffered a major illness in August that tanked my ftp. Not going to go into it what have but because of it it basically am starting over. Did the ramp test last night and while my ftp was still less than 80% of before I got sick my speed average was way up. Now I have changed the gearing on the TT Bike could that be the reason

Hope you are feeling better.

Depending on your trainer, the speed may be irrelevant and is dependent on what gear you are in. This would be the case if you were on a smart trainer like a Kickr, Hammer, or Neo. The power output is the key metric.

On a wheel on trainer where you are using “virtual power”, such as a Kurt Kinetic, then speed could be important.

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Yup, full details on the setup in use are needed to better answer the question.