Weight training and weight gain

I’ve had this question for a bit, not sure if I posted it before but apologies if I did.

I started getting back into heavy lifting this past November. I’m on the 5/3/1 routine and lifting twice a week. I’ve put on about 9lbs since starting the routine (206lbs to 215lbs), granted some of that is fat due to the holidays.

As backstory, I started cycling May of 2018 but didn’t start structured training until about May of 2019. Prior to cycling, my main form of exercise was powerlifting 3X a week and crossfit-type HIIT workouts. I never paid attention to weight until now.

Is it normal to put on this much weight so quickly? It’s only been 2 months since Im started lifting again. Also, I am significantly more hungry now that I’m lifting. I normally fast from 8pm to 11:30am the next day, but I’m finding it really hard to do that without having a fuzzy brain throughout the morning.

Any thoughts? Thank you all in advance!

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Might be the memory effect helping you put on muscles easily together with some weight.

Nothing to worry about.

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Now that you are weight lifting again, have you added in any supplements like creatine?

If you stopped lifting when you transitioned to cycling, I’d imagine you are putting back on the muscle that you previously lost.

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Thanks and good question. I’ve been increasing my protein intake after workouts.

Normally I’d take in 10-20g of protein via Ripple or Kirkland banana chocolate almond beverage. However I boosted that last week to 40g-50g after weight lifting. I think my daily intake of protein is between 100g to 200g, depending on my workout schedule.