Week of aerobic in every plan?

Curious what the science/reasoning behind this is? Not gonna lie, I’d rather do a week of bashful and baird than a week of mind numbing pettit, andrews, etc. Recovery, obviously, but interesting to me that there is no intensity thrown in just to keep things primed.

There’s no intensity because your body is spending the week absorbing all the work you did in the past 3-5 weeks. It’s time for rest, recovery, growth, healing…not the time for intensity. It only takes a couple of days after a rest week to get flying again.


I’m craving the rest/aerobic week by the time they roll-around!


If you’re looking for intensity during your recovery week than you didn’t go hard enough during the previous weeks. When I’m in recovery week I’m always asking myself “why doesn’t this feel easy?” I’m surely not looking for intensity. Your body builds and adapts at rest/recovery. The training/intensity is actually breaking you down, so you can recover and come back stronger.