Does anyone else miss the on screen text?

I always seem to miss the text especially on hard intervals, or when I am watching my entertainment screen [usually the GCN videos], and while I realise that most of it is just ‘motivational’, there are sections which are educative.

Why not have the text put up on the page where the workout is described?

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All the time :thinking:

Sometimes I get fed up with coach @chad :slight_smile:

Especially when he tells to increase cadence another 3-5rpm when you are at your last threshold interval :)))

On a multi screen setup I would like the option to choose which screen to display text too, move it to top or bottom on screen and turn it off… with just a designated key on the keyboard… something thatscrolls through each option, obviously dependant and number of screens.

e.g one screen
On middle
On Top
On Bottom

e.g Two screens
On screen 1 middle
On screen 1 Top
On screen 1 Bottom
On screen 2 middle
On screen 2 Top
On screen 2 Bottom

I found it too distracting so I turned it off a couple of years ago.

Yes, but a quick read BEFORE the workout would be nice I should think.

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@Nate_Pearson, any chance of getting this? Just the text added to the workout description. I just keep missing the text, and at least some portion of it makes for interesting reading. Would not require much effort, as I’m sure you already have all the workout text files.

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