Waxy maize starch as alternative to Maltodextrin/glucose for DIY carb drink mix?

In my research on a place to get fructose powder (as in Canada right now, amazon is either not stocking it or the prices have sky rocketed) I came across this alternative. Based on the product description it sounds like it offers the same function as maltodextrin but may have some additional benefits?
Curious if anyone has used it?

Never heard of it, so I searched and found this article:

It has references to studies.

Plain sugar? It’s 50/50 so you can’t control ratio but definitely good enough and easy to find.

For me, dextrose is usually easier to find and cheaper than maltodextrin.
Dextrose is also the simplest sugar you can find and will be faster to absorb than maltodextrin.
I don’t know why people use maltodextrin instead of dextrose. If somebody could explain to me I would appreciate.

Sorry, i reread your post. For fructose i use plain sugar (50% fructose, 50% dextrose) and add dextrose to get the ratio that i want.