Waxed Chains and DK

I am doing the Dirty Kanza 200 this year for the first time. I’m interested in trying waxed chains for my MTB and gravel rides, but know little about whether wax chains are unsuited to certain types of weather and terrain.

I’m guessing that if DK is dry and dusty this year, a wax chain might work well. True?

But are waxed chains a good idea for wet, muddy conditions for 200 miles?

Thanks…and thanks for the chain waxing tutorial. Got all the stuff and will be cooking some chains this weekend.

If you ended up riding with a waxed chain, how did it go?

I did use a waxed chain and it worked well. I used Molten SpeedWax, which was excellent. Conditions were dry, little mud. I did put some Rock and Roll Blue lube on at the 150 mile aid station as I had a few chain squeaks. All in all, was very lucky with chain and drivetrain.

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use a small bottle of squirt lube with you. That is cheapest and most eco.