Favorite Gravel Lube?

What’s your go to chain lube for gravel riding?

My gravel riding doesn’t happen just in nice weather and maybe a lube doesn’t exist that will always work well.

Currently I’ve been using Squirt and just tried actual waxing with Paraffin wax(haven’t had a chance to try it outside yet) biggest problem has been that a wet lube does great when I’m caught out in the rain, but if it’s dry and dusty then the drivetrain is gummed up in short order. Dry lubes do great with the dry and dusty but then when there is sometimes as much as a water crossing, let alone riding in the rain, the lube washes off and I’m left with a noisy, slower shifting drivetrain.

I’m almost to the point of keeping 2 chains on hand, one with dry lube, one wet, and changing for expected conditions.

What lube have you used and what have your experiences been?

Wax for me on every bike. It won’t last as long on wet rides but it’s easy to throw the chain in the wax after a long wet ride. I keep two chains going on every bike too, so I can re-wax in batches and never be without a chain ready to go.

Yeah wax FTW. I use it on my road and CX bikes. I’ll convert the MTBs over once I wear out the chains. It’s much easier to wax a fresh chain then something that has been used with standard lubes

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I use Rock N Roll Gold on every bike I own. One day I’ll get around to waxing, but that day ain’t today…so RnR Gold it is. :wink: