Watts gained with equipment etc

Ok, I really hope this is not a stupid question but during TR podcasts and others like Flo etc they always reference a xW gain based on a change.

Example would be using a certain tyre would give you 10 extra watts (made up example but it makes my point)

Question is, what does this actually mean when I am on the road riding my bike? I don’t think I up my FTP by said 10w as this doesn’t sound right to me, I assume it is just a way to measure effieciecies gained between choices and the benefits vary depending on the rider, terrain etc

Thanks in advance

Your assumption is correct. These are efficiency savings that equate to you pushing the pedals x Watts harder, without actually having to push the pedals harder

I think of it as fewer Watts lost, rather than Watts gained.

The power at the crank is the same, but due to increased efficiency, less is “wasted” overcoming air resistance, and more power is available to generate speed.

Alternatively, fewer Watts are being lost and therefore less power is required to maintain the same speed.


Ff = μN

Anytime anyone says you get ‘x free watts’ or ‘an x watt saving’, just think of it as ‘x less watts’ at the same speed.

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