Watt/kg Bell Curve

I think TR should post a watt/kg bell curve or provide you with what your % is. I listen to the podcast and hear about the unbelievable 5 watt/kg tier. I also hear them tell people that they are fast at watt/kg well below that. I just don’t have a good feel for what is average and or a good benchmark to measure myself against. I know TR is all about making you faster but it would be helpful for me to set goals for myself based on other mortals. Seems like watt/kg would be the best universal measurement. I would also trust it more coming from real TR data from real users. Would anyone else find this helpful?

Here’s a post by Nate about the raw FTP’s of trainerroad users. I think if you scroll around in that thread he also posted some different info split by age and gender.

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