Water Fasting between sweet spot base phases

Which one lets me eat more sweet potatoes?!?!


I’ve done 5 day water fasts and a 5 day fasting mimicking diet but not during training. I have been considering a longish fast during my recovery week and then adding a second recovery week. I would appreciate it if you let us know how it went.

The science says, and I actually do have a PhD. in molecular biology and biochemistry, that one loses very little muscle mass during fasting and that most of the weight loss comes from water and visceral fat. It looks like a win situation for those of us that might need to lose some fat mass.


I’m in my 2nd week of SSB. The worst part is it looks like I’ll be starting around Thanksgiving!! Doesn’t really matter. Gotta work that day anyway. I’ll keep you up to speed TD Carlo and let you know how it goes.