Watching other cyclists [stability on saddle]

I am completely mesmerized watching other cyclists ride. I’m fascinated with their biomechanics and the ability of their hips to be completely stable on the saddle. Some people are just glued with perfect pendulum moving legs. I’ve never had that! I mean is it a bad thing? I definitely think it’s an efficiency and optimization of the kinetic chain perhaps? I’ve always been bewildered as to why I can never get to being like that. Are your hips super stable ? I think it definitely plays a role in comfort and power output. Curious thoughts? Many many many bike fits and I’ve never achieved such stability.

Any thoughts on the matter ?

Core stability is a real thing here.

Also, some are just more natural from a neuromuscular standpoint. Sort of like how I’ll never look coordinated swinging a golf club, some just can’t pedal smoothly to save their lives.


I notice this too, there is another rider in a group I frequent that when I’m behind him, I wonder how he doesn’t have knee pain as far out as his knees flair at the top of his stroke.

I’m also mesmerized watching pros climb out of the saddle, they make it look so fluid.

Apart from the fact that some might be naturally more stable, some factors that affect saddle stability (or lack of):

  • Core stability - do you drive the pedals with the legs and bum, or through your back?
  • Saddle height - too high and you start to wiggle
  • Cleat position - might cause pains and niggles that restrict smooth pedal stroke
  • Flexibility - being able to handle the whole pedal stroke from top to bottom, not losing control at top of stroke due to low flexibility for example.
  • Being conscious of the pedal stroke - this one is quite important to developing a good stroke. Be mindful of the pedal stroke and don’t skimp on the posture just because you’re driving the pedals hard.
  • A bike fit is always worth it, get a good one from a reputable fitter. Your body will thank you and you’ll see it reflected in the numbers as well.

I think for sure it’s like anything with the formation of habits. We are not perfectly biomechanical creatures. But we are good at working around limitations. Core strength for sure plays a part in many aspects of cycling. But I know some cyclists who’ve never done a core exercise in their life and they are far more stable on a saddle than I who trains core constantly lol

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Yes me toooo! Seeing pros climb standing is so soothing lol very fluid!!!

Very valid and effective points!!! Bike fits are extremely useful when paired with the right fitter. All of the things you mentioned would definitely play a role in efficiency and stability. I do think some people are naturally gifted when it comes to being biochemically efficient. I struggled with the things you’ve mentioned but in time I’ve improved in the realm of myself. It’sa continuous road to optimizing positioning and efficiency. I think it’s one that will always require effort through mobility and good habits.

Instability is the energy sucker for sure

I feel like my smoothness and stability improved with time on the rollers.