Wasatch All Road

Anyone else planning on doing this race at the end of August? Curious to see how others are training for it.

I just got put in my place by the Shasta Hugger in Yreka, CA. 100 mile gravel race with 4500’ of elevation. It damn near killed me but I finished and came away with some good lessons on what to expect for future gravel races. The biggest one being double check what they give you at the aid stations! I thought it was Perpetuem from Hammer, but it was actually Heed. Spent the next hour with largely no carbs and put myself into hole…

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I’m racing the Full Yeti again this year - did it last year, the first year of the event. I liked the idea of hitting the ‘Wasatch Wall’ right off the bat. That certainly helped to separate out the field, but even though it’s a pretty wide ‘road’ going up the majority of that climb, there was really only one line you could take up the first half-ish of it. Outside of that ‘line’ it was like beach sand and you almost instantly had to get off the bike since as it was basically impossible to climb something that steep in that sort of sand. I settled into the pace I thought I’d be able to hold for the whole climb pretty quickly vs. trying to push it to stay with the leaders. This sort of back fired on my since I eventually caught up to a lot of riders that blew up and, like I said, there was basically no way to pass people as you went up that sandy portion. So I was forced to ride at a pace that was below what I wanted. The only time I passed anyone in that pretty lengthy section was when someone ahead of my attempted to pass and got hung up in the sand and basically ‘lost their place in line’. After that climb it’s not a very technical course, but has amazinggg views, well stocked and well spread out aid stations, and the course was well marked and marshalled. Very excited to race again this year.

I’m riding the mid distance option for the event this year. I’m not sure if you are local or not, but I know several people used Farmington Canyon to train on last year for it.