Warm winter feet?

Any recommendations for keeping feet warm in winter?
Even in the garage I’m now using toe covers and still having chilly feet (rest of me is sweating)
Have merino socks.

not sure if that would help you but thats what I do in the winter if it gets really cold riding outside :

  1. Tape the vents on the bottom with duck tape
  2. Use insulated insoles like these https://amzn.to/2L5RRHz
  3. Socks with a "windcover"for the toe section from someone like X Bionic

My friend turns me on to these hot sockees…
It’s pretty darn good!



I also get cold feet and hands due to Raynauds syndrome (“cold” is putting it mildly!)
I recently discovered that if I put chemical toe warmers on the top (outside) of my shoes, then wear cover socks over them, my feet keep surprisingly warm. Usually this works until about 37-40F.


Try Velotoze: https://www.velotoze.com/

The will block any air getting into your shoe, and trap the heat your feet produce.

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Toe/shoe covers work best to block the windchill so you may not feel a massive benefit on a static trainer. Do you also get excessively cold hands? If so it may be worth looking into Raynaud’s- in which case the best advice is to avoid exposure to sudden temperature changes.

Try putting your socks on a radiator before putting them on.

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Longer socks can ensure that the blood that gets to your feet is warmer. Ski socks work well for this as they’re also reasonably thin. Too-tight shoes can keep your feet cold too.

I think first you should define the winter…:wink:

Longer, windproof socks help a lot. Check for example the Rapha deep winter socks: normally quite expensive, but I have seen them discounted somewhere recently.

Good overshoes add more warmth. Thick neoprene for wet conditions, something insulated for dry conditions.

When I was still riding outdoors during the winter, I even had battery heated insoles for the coldest days. The similar ones that can be used with skiing boots (google therm-IC).

Thanks for all the suggestions, a few have been ordered and i’ll report back.
Hands are ok, and it’s just above freezing in my garage in the mornings at the moment.
I never had cold feet until a couple of years ago, so it feels age related too…
Feels a bit silly wearing overshoes in the garage, but if it keeps the feet warm, i’m not moaning…

Sounds completely daft but, a friend uses tin foil inbetween the sock and the shoe. He swears by it.

Depends on how much you ride outside but buying cycling shoes specifically made for cold riding is the best way to go hands down.

Shimano, Specialized, 45nrth, Garneau and others make them. They are far more robust, comfortable, and effective than any kind of to warmer etc.


This! In order to keep the dreaded Reynauds at bay I wear Lake MXZ303 boots when it’s less than 10 degrees. They are toasty, but massive overkill for almost everyone in the UK where I am.

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In addition to direct action on your feet, don’t forget the old adage "if your feet are cold, put on a hat.’ OK, you might not really need a hat but keeping the rest of your body warm can help out your feet too.

If it’s just your feet and they are cold even in the garage, are your shoes too small? Having enough room for the insulation of your socks to work is key in my experience. I have winter shoes a size larger for this reason. Jamming bigger socks or chemical warmers in the same shoe may not help in that case.


Ride on a trainer indoors.


I second Hot Sockees, I wear them all the time hiking and cycling in the colder months.

Swiftwick wool socks and shoe covers. I love Velotoze but the sweating in them can be pretty crazy.

I have done the same but find a sandwich bag to work better. Foil tends to rip and fall apart.

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The fact that you are getting this riding essentially indoors but just in a cold room should rule out windchill being the reason. Are you bringing your shoes inside at night sot hat they are at least warm before you put them on in the morning? I see you’ve got the sock game covered.

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I bought a pair. #gamechanger