Warm winter feet?

My experiments so far.
Merino socks better than primaloft.
Endura thermal overshoes are good
Thermal insoles scrunch up and don’t work
Keeping shoes slightly looser helps blood flow

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For in the garage, bring the shoes inside! Start with warm shoes and that will help. Only took me a couple of weeks to learn that last winter. And again this am (dang it!).

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I use toe covers and then booties as well.

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Cold feet are often a matter of whether feet are staying dry or not. You might try putting anti-perspirant on your feet before you put your socks on.

I just saw a youtube video recently where they recommended putting tin foil or plastic bags on your feet.

I did a blog post with my tips on winter riding: http://ex-prosays.blogspot.com/2018/01/brrr-winter-has-arrived-3-pro-tips-to.html

Hope some of that helps!


Black Friday is a good opportunity to get a deal on winter shoes.

Placing oversocks on your shoes first and then shoe covers over them is a great way to layer and add warmth.

@Jonathan suggested toe or hand warmers on top of shoes. I’ve been trying this and it does help some.

Warming up your shoes indoors can also help a lot.

developed in Yorkshire
(see this years worlds…)

quite expensive for overshoes but they are pretty spot on

For long outside rides you can’t beat Grabber Toe Warmers. You can buy them in bulk packaging to make them not as expensive as walking into your ski shop to get them. I’ve had luck sticking them on the top of my socks, which provides a wind barrier as well.

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One of the best tips I ever read was if you start with cold feet they stay cold. Sometimes before a longer outside ride I let my feet hang out in very hot water for 15 minutes while I get my sulking over with.