Warm Soupy Alternatives to Chicken Salads on Cold Winter Days

When your body’s already cold with caloric deficit, and the prospect of eating a cold chicken salad on a cold winter day isn’t very attractive, what do you eat?

Had instant but msg-free ramen with a can of tuna dunked in last night, but I’ wondering if there’s something more healthy to eat, yet warm and soupy…

Thanks in advance!
Any suggestions on soups that are low-calorie/low carb yet nutritious vitamin and mineral-wise, especially those that can be easily store-bought? Even if it’s low on protein, I can always dunk in a can of tuna or eat my Quest protein cookies.

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I love Vietnamese Pho soup. There are variations with chicken, beef or vegetarian, plenty of rice noodles, the spices are awesome and properly served you get to add chili and lime yourself to taste.

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I put chicken, onions, carrots, peppers, sweet corn, spinach and sometimes something starchy like butternut squash into the slow cooker with a packet of fajitas seasoning and some chicken stock and just let it simmer for 8 hours and it makes a mexican style stew.

Split-pea soup has been my jam as of late. The Mark Bittman version (How to Cook Everything book) is very simple but easily make more complex, depending on your mood.

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