Wahoo Kickr Upgrade

I’ve been thinking about upgrading my 2016 kickr to the silent version but having trouble justifying the cost, as mine has been a workhorse to this point (I’m sure it’ll crap out today bc I posted this).

While wahoo says the new version and old version aren’t upgradable, based on my breakdown, what makes it silent is the different belt with the longer parallel grooves vs the little teeth. Thru axle aside, it seems that the only differences to make this silent are a different main (large wheel) and a different internal metal sprocket, both with the proper grooves.

So, has anyone ever attempted to replace the internal sprocket/larger wheel with some new parts? I’m sure some of the gearheads here could either figure it out or have done it before.

we have some guys in South Africa that do exactly that: https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/indoor-trainers-and-accessories/2423/upgrade-your-gen-1-2-or-3-to-the-silent-gen-4


@warrencharlesza that’s pretty incredible and reasonably priced. Wonder if they ship to the USA. Will have it look into this further. Thanks!

If you’ve got a good one, I wouldn’t tempt fate. :slight_smile:

I have the same basic model and I really don’t hear it with two fans running.

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Totally was thinkin the same, but my GF not being able to hear the TV over it may be tempting a worse fate hah

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In this environment you might be better off buying a new Kickr with a warranty and selling the old one since they’re in high demand, vs upgrading the old unit, cost wise. Not sure how much old kickrs go for tho


Looks like that company will send you everything for 260 shipped. Feel like it’ll be hard to find a kickr for that much and with my version being louder and older guessing there won’t be much resale value?

I use bluetooth headphones to watch something on my laptop while pedaling. Like I said, my fans are louder than the kickr.

Headphones are a lot cheaper than a new trainer!

Wouldn’t assume that at all - certainly where I am the more popular/proven trainers are still in short supply due to a combo of increased demand and disrupted supply chains due to covid. Secondhand prices of the good trainers are pretty high as a result, and I think the original Kickr still very much sits in that bucket. Imagine the colder weather (if you’re Northern hemisphere) is going to keep demand high as well.

I’m still pretty happy with my old Kickr, but I have it in the garage where I’m not disturbing anybody else, and am quite happy with earphones and/or subtitles!

That’s true, probably a cheaper way to go

@warrencharlesza any idea what happened to these guys? Trying to find them to pick one up but noticed their posting and facebook are both gone now? If you have any idea how to reach them would be extremely grateful if you would let me know. Thanks!

Will try some local contacts that might know them and advise how to contact

Thanks really appreciate it.

Did you ever dig this information up? I’d be keen for an upgrade.

Unfortunately not. Can’t trace them locally

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a local forum offered up this info for these guys. have not tested the information. Wahoo kickr gen 1, 2, 3 upgrade to silent version, Western Cape (+27827085143)

That’s fantastic. Especially as we’re back in trainer season here.

Fb link is dead but any way to test the phone? Unfortunately don’t see an email