Upgrade my 2017 Wahoo Kickr?

I originally purchased my Wahoo Kikr in 2017 and have used it consistently since it’s original purchase. I still have no complaints, but should I consider upgrading to a new version in light of all of the reported upgrades that they have built into the unit over the years?

Main differences to consider with a Kickr V5 ('20) or Kickr V6 ('22):

  • Quieter drive belt that is more quiet than most people’s chains.
  • Bigger flywheel for better pedaling inertia.
  • Axis feet add a bit of wiggle, but not real motion (on par with a thick trainer mat).
  • 3x Bluetooth connections, for using multiple devices/apps.
  • DirCon ethernet cable connection with optional purchase ($100 USD?).
  • DirCon Wi-Fi connection for KV6 ('20).
  • Optional XD/R freehub for SRAM 12-speed cassettes.

Noise, feel, connection options (if you have dropouts now), minor motion, options for newest drivetrains are the big differences. Consider those and if any of them are a notable change or improvement for your needs.


Thank for the comparison. Any idea what version my Kikr from 2017 would be? I’m assuming it is one of the very early versions?

If it’s from 2017, it’s probably V3.

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