Wahoo Kickr Snap vs Stava vs Assioma (Power)

I recently purchased the Assioma Duo power meter pedals. Prior I had been using Strava and the power put out by my Kickr Snap to determine my power. A few weeks ago I had completed a step test at the beginning of my training plan, using just the Kickr Snap for power. Since getting the Assioma’s I have noticed the “Feel” of training has gotten easier, and my outside ride power has increased dramatically.

Long story short… Would it be best to do another step test, and adjust for the remainder of my training plan?

Anytime you change power measuring devices, you really should do a new Ramp Test. There is no guarantee that you will have two devices that match up close.


Only use the Assiomas and do another step test. That will keep things consistent.



Assiomas > Kickr Snap > Strava

Use the Assiomas and retest!