Kickr Snap vs Assioma PM

Hi, apologies if this is in the wrong place. Trying to figure out which of these may be completely inaccurate. Did a ramp test today, on my kickr snap. I recorded the power seperately with my Assioma uno power meter (left side) with wahoo head unit. I wanted to see if my pm readings are accurate as I normally seem to be putting out 190-200w avg over a 2hr ride (7.5-8 RPE) - which seems unsustainable with a 216ftp.

The two readings are completely different - the Pm was reading 50-100 watts over the snap (erg). I calibrated both, so not sure what the issue could be.

I’d trust the pedals before any trainer especially a wheel-on unit

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Thanks - to note, I forgot to turn off my Wahoo head unit after the test. So the average (and my ftp) would have been a lot higher than showed in the ss. I know this is in no means an accurate way to test the two - just trying to get an indication of which one to pay more attention to. Partially just because if I’m putting out 200w avg over a ride as compared to 120 the nutrition will be different and I’m trying to drop weight.

I have a flux 2 and Assioma one sided power meter. My inside ftp is currently 206 ( ramp test) but my outside FTP is 266.

My outside test was a 20 minute effort with the discrepancy in power I assumed being a result of using a single sided power meter whilst having a long term injury to my right knee and the Assioma doubling the power of my left leg.

I accept I’m comparing apples with oranges although I’m considering getting the right sided power meter to enable me to use the power match feature on the flux and rely solely on the pedals for power measurement which then should better align my warm weather training outdoors.I can also measure the difference in output from each leg and see what mitigation I can do to minimise the difference.