Wahoo Kickr Core Zwift One

Yeah, Wahoo says V4+ gets it, not V1-3.


OK, that makes sense to me. Appreciate the confirmation :smiley:

@mcneese.chad Perhaps it has to do with memory limits on the device. I have seen a similar pattern on some of the bike computers.

I have no idea what the related limits really are. They could be quite real or just as easily a deliberate choice regardless of HR. No way to know unless they share the reasons, which they rarely do from what I have seen.

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Its fine they made virtual shifting, but i dont want it. No interest in having to use a different way of shifting than all my “outside bike”. And a biggie for me, can shift while in erg mode. I often do intervals that have significant cadence changes and shifting is really the only way to do that while staying on the power. Stoked on autocalibration though

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Perhaps I’m missing something very obvious, but unless your particular trainer has issues holding ERG power during cadence changes, shifting shouldn’t be necessary even if you are changing your cadence. About the only time I find myself shifting when using ERG mode is when transitioning between seated and standing efforts, which for me comes with a natural change in cadence as well.

You sure you aren’t set to resistance/standard mode in the app?

He is fine and I use shifting in ERG for similar reasons. Sure, if you want o swap from something like 90rpm seated to 60rpm standing, you can gradually slow youe cadence and let ERG adjust. Then revert bybdoing the opposite when you want to sit down.

It’s sort of silly ro me though when you consider how we handle this outside. We just shift up a few gears on the rear, stand and then reverse. Faster process than compared to ERG delays.

I do this all the time in ERG by using my front shift. I use the small ring normally for my 95rpm seated, swap instantly to my big ring whid dumps 30rpm for a 65rm standing effort and swap back when done. This method will still work for people with a 2x front even for use with the single Cog on these trainers, so worth a consideration at least.

Here is my old article on the topic.


Yes, when I do shift in ERG mode this is exactly what I do as well. I assumed his reason for needing to shift might have been something more than this however.

Yeah, a workout like chad mentions, but also one where you doing increasing sitting power ramps that have a reduction of cadence. So something like 250w 80 rpm, then 265w 75rpm, then 280w 70 rpm, then 295w 65 rpm. (Made up numbers, but something like that)

Just a big ring shift would be a bit much, but shifting one gear in the back is perfecto.

as long as my kickr keeps on kicking, im good.

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Understood. To be honest with my CORE, i don’t recall this ever being much a cause for concern. For me, the resistance change in a situation like you reference above usually corrects itself within a handful of seconds at interval start… BUT in that situation, i’ll usually start to slow/raise my cadence a few seconds BEFORE the next interval starts so maybe it’s a wash in the end.

Yeah, that works for increasing cadence and power, but decreasing cadence with increasing power doesnt work well without the shift

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Guess we’ll have to disagree on that. I haven’t personally experienced a concern there either when lowering my cadence prior to interval start, though I suppose it could have alot to do with how large the power increase is OR my tolerance is just different than yours (or BOTH!)

But it’s cool either way. If you got what works for you, awesome! Ride on brother! (oh wait… that slogan is for another app!) :rofl:


I love the idea of virtual shifting, I just wish they would have designed it where it came with your fingers on the shifters and not from using your thumbs on the Zwift Play controllers. I’m not saying that because “I want it to be as much like outside as possible” so much as I think there are times where I’m not going to want to shift with my thumbs or it’s going to be unnatural, like when OOS. I’m tempted to try it though, if nothing else just to see if it’s as awkward as I imagine it.

Shifting is done on the Play controller with your index or middle finger. The buttons are to the outer side of the orange Steer/Brake buttons. (I’d post a pic but can’t seem to do that via this PC lately.)


Oh wow! I totally misunderstood what I was looking at. Thanks!

I hope the update for Kickr V5 and down is imminent.

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Just updated my Kickr Move, I’ll give it a quick spin later today. Those two buttons on the Zwift Play controllers don’t have a lot of travel or the best tactile feel, so I’m curious what the haptic feedback is like (if any) when shifting.


Supposed to go down to the V4. I suspect staged at maybe 1-2 week gaps based on this timing per the Core One release.

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Cool! Was there an article I missed saying this?