Wahoo Kickr Core incompatible with Trek Emonda 2021

Yes it arrived a day or two ago. Works well, thank you.



“These new adapters will be made available to any customer upon request, via customer support, for free. That’ll happen in the next few weeks”

This is nice!

Hopefully the one I bought from Ebay shows up before that so it wasn’t a waste of money :slight_smile:

I noticed they recently added the '20 and '21 Madone to the list despite previously only saying the Domane and Emonda have issues. I have a '19 Madone SLR which as far as I’m aware was not changed for the '20 model year. Should I be worried?

Update: I took a look at my driveside on the trainer. Seems to fit fine to the hanger, although there are some small marks on the frame that seem just like a layer of paint. Any suggestions?

Anyone have pictures of what the spacing between the frame and adaptor is supposed to look like? I put my bike (2020 Madone SLR) on my repair stand and my 2017 Kickr adaptors seem to fit OK. But naturally I have no reference for a correct fit.

Drive side

Finally got my adaptor - postal service from Portugal was absolutely awful (no fault of the seller) but it took over 3 weeks from dispatch to arrive on the East Coast. Postage was also pretty steep at $25 to take so long.

I did a quick 30min recovery ride yesterday and all worked well. The 2021 Emonda seems to sit a lot better on the trainer. Interestingly the thru axel also takes fewer turns to get it to be secure. Hopefully I didn’t cause too much damage riding it for a few hundred miles before getting this. Given the slow shipping times to the USA, at this point you might be better off waiting for Wahoo, but if you’re in Europe and don’t mind spending $50 this is probably a wise investment.

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It’s nice to see that Wahoo will be releasing this part for free. I got my original adapter machined a few weeks back and it’s been working great. For anyone in the Boston area who doesn’t want to wait for Wahoo, I got mine machined at J.W. Machine shop in Waltham, MA and they charged me $20. I was in and out in less than 10 minutes.

My 2021 Emonda has been on and off the trainer a couple times since using the new adapter and the dropouts look pristine!

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@mperozek , thanks for the info. I’m about 40 minutes away from Waltham. I have a 2021 Emonda and also own a V1 (2014) KICKR. Wahoo confirmed that they will not be making the adapter kit for my KICKR.

What did you need to tell J. W. Machine Shop for them to make the proper part? Thanks.

Has anyone actually received an adapter from wahoo?

I contacted them a week and half ago as well as my local bike store. They said to both of us separately that they would ship them out, but when I contacted them today to follow up about it the wahoo representative acted like they didn’t have them yet and didn’t know when they would have them/ship them. Pretty confusing to know what’s up.

Was told they will be sent as soon as they are ready.

No word on when that will be though!

Got an email from support today saying additional revisions to the design are needed and they will continue to investigate if the revisions can be made.

Yup - here’s what I got:

Wahoo is doing all that it can to modify the current thru axle adapter design to accommodate certain frames in the marketplace and we are working closely with these manufacturers to ensure the success of these revisions. However, this process takes time. The bicycle manufacturers provided their feedback on the first run of these adapters and it was determined that additional revisions to the design were required. The investigation is still ongoing to determine if their recommended revisions can be made. Wahoo is committed to doing all that we can to make our products compatible with as many frame designs as possible, but there are inherent limitations to making one product to work with all the various frame designs in our industry. We appreciate your patience during this process. Please let us know if you have any questions.

So strange, my bike shop called to tell me they expected to get some in this week after talking/confirming with Wahoo, but I also heard something similar from wahoo customer service this week about the part not being ready and needing further revisions…

Likely whoever my bike shopped talked to just told them wrong info, cause I can’t imagine they’re actually getting anything this week…

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