Wahoo Kickr Core incompatible with Trek Emonda 2021

Can someone please share a link to the adapters to purchase on Ebay? I have a 2020 Trek Domane SL-6 and the Wahoo KICKR CORE and I live in North Carolina. Thanks in advance!

I bought this one - https://www.ebay.com/itm/Fix-Wahoo-custom-KICKR-Axel-Adapter-12x142-for-Trek-NEW-Zeland/133612708070?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649

It should arrive this weekend hopefully!


Please let us know how it goes :slight_smile:

Will not ship to US…

Check the sellers other listings and there’s a worldwide shipping option.

I bought mine to ship to NZ just before Christmas but it’s been stuck with the same tracking status for over a week “International dispatch”.

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I stumbled across this thread after I purchased a 2021 Trek Emonda ALR5 earlier this week (4th January). I contacted Wahoo and this is the response that I have just received:-

Thanks for getting in touch about the KICKR and your 2021 Trek Emonda.

You can see our bike compatibility page here.

Trek’s newest bikes have newly designed rear dropouts which don’t accept the adaptors from the KICKR without damaging the paint on the bike frame.

We are currently working with Trek on a solution. This will be a different adaptor specifically for Trek bikes.

The adaptors are already in testing, but not available yet. I do not have specific timeline for release, but it is being worked on as a priority and should be ready soon.

In the meantime, we cannot recommend that you use the Trek Emonda on the KICKR. Doing so might damage your bike.

I hope the fix that they are working on is a matter of weeks, and not months.

Just thought I’d share this information.

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ALR should be fine? It’s a carryover model from the previous year. I have one on a kickr core and it fits fine.

The drive side spacer is the one that’s causing the issue, rather than sit inside the drop out it catches on the frame.

Are you sure the 142/148 adapter is set in the correct orientation?

100% set up in the correct position

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@timacwalker ALR domane & madone should be fine. Emonda ALE 2021 model apparently doesn’t fit. Scroll up to my comment with the screenshot provided by wahoo outlining which models in particular are having the issue. My 2021 Domane AL5 for example fits fine.

Hello, I have a 2021 Domane SL5. I really like your suggestion and I want to give it a try. What exactly would I ask the Mechanic to do to the adapter?

And had anyone else tried this?

Hi, just wanted an updated on this. Did it work? Also, if I go to a Machine shop what would I ask them to do to the adapter. I’m not good in mechanical lingo :joy: thank you!

That’s very strange. The frame for Emonda ALR disc model hasn’t changed since 2019 and mine fits fine. I guess Trek may have started using a different dropout.

I have the latest version of the Kickr (v5), not the core, which is why I am having the issue with my 2021 Emonda.

It’s working absolutely fine; by only filing away the specific portion of the adapter that fouls the frame I do have to make sure it is aligned properly before tightening the thru-axle, but given how little I’m riding outdoors at the moment, this isn’t a regular concern.

I’m not particularly mechanically-minded either (hence filing it down myself), but if I were to ask them to do it for me it would be a question of machining away the wider portion of the adapter to the extent that the 142mm numbers are all-but gone. See the original link posted for a visual explanation of what I’m babbling on about.


This is the link someone kindly provided;

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Because of Corona Virus every shipping is being delayd

But already had 2 buyers in Europe that received and are happy

If you’re referring to the adapter that still uses a QR skewer, I should try it in the coming days on a Kickr Gen 2.

From what I understand, it should be fine but , since the Kickr is so old, the mount for the disc brake caliper almost touches the trainer. A friend of mine will machine off a part of the trainer to allow for a bit more clearance and then I will, very reluctantly, give it a go.

Great! Hoping mine will show up soon. Will report back!

Any update?