Wahoo kickr core Debris

I’ve been riding my Wahoo Kickr core all winter and recently (last week or so) I’ve been having a ton of debris on the ground below the trainer. It’s mostly small black specks but some that look like remnants of a small seal or washer (about the circumference of a ballpoint pen) The only other time I’ve had trainer debris was when i used a wheel-on trainer but obviously not the case here. Has any one experienced this?

I would guess that the debris is dried up lubricant from your chain/drivetrain. Most people don’t degrease and lube their drivetrain nearly as often when riding inside as when riding outside (for good reasons), but dry lube does wear out after a while. If you haven’t cleaned your drivetrain for a while, this could be the answer.

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If you are not using a trainer tyre, it can also be the rear tyre disintegrating.

The Kickr Core is a wheel-off trainer without a rear tire in use, so that’s not an issue here. You may be thinking of the Snap trainer.


Definitely true, my bad :person_facepalming:

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This would be my guess too. Even after a good clean the chain was dropping a bit of muck for a ride or two. Now that I’m more regularly wiping it down and putting fresh lube on there’s no more mess.

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