Wahoo Kickr Bike Saddle Quick Release

My girlfriend has just started to use the wahoo bike and I reverted back to the original QR. Well tonight I snapped it off and I’ve some how lost it in my garage…

I’m assuming I should replace it when a steel one as it’s more durable? Also, does anyone know what length I need and diameter please?

Thank you

Assuming that you are talking about either or both of the red and yellow parts (not the orange arrow one), it looks like a standard QR lever assembly.


One option is to slip the black collar off the bike and take it to a local bike shop. They should have some on hand for a dry fit test and/or measurement.

The inner threaded “screw” portion is almost always steel unless noted otherwise. The one you broke is like steel as well as the outer nut is a steel insert with plastic over-molded. Some of the older style QR’s have steel lever two (red section) so that could be worthwhile.

And as a guess, if this broke from heavy tightening force to prevent the seatpost from slipping down (seems a common issue with these bikes), I’d recommend using carbon fiber paste to improve grip without requiring large clamp forces.

Yes that’s it, the yellow one. I broke the silver threaded part. That’s one thing I haven’t tried is carbon fibre paste. I have previously used a nut and bolt because I never changed it

Thank you

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