VO2 max felt easy?

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I found this workout particularly easy compared with a lot of my other Tuesday night workouts. I ended up increasing the intensity because the way I was feeling was not matching the on screen text in terms of hurt - there was not sign of any burn or out of breath. This is the first VO2 max workout I’ve done and I’ve just started SSB2 after an FTP increase from 224 to 237. I am wondering why this might have felt easy especially as I did a 100 mile ride 2 days before I felt I would be too tired for it. Does this mean that I’m currently geared toward sprint efforts?

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So what I get from this is performance onVO2 doesn’t have as strong a relationship with FTP as other workouts?

Yes. For some people, 120% of their ftp puts them into VO2max zone, for some this is too much, and for some it is not enough. If it felt really easy, up the intensity.

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The norm for VO2 max is between 118%-128% FTP - thats a quite wide range and that is just the norm, there are plenty of people that fall outside this norm range

I’d further add that Taylor -2 is pretty easy as far as VO2 max workouts go.

30x30 at 120% is not pushing the boundaries of what most people can do for VO2. I’d suggest that for 30x30 you should be approaching 130% or 140%

Not to say Taylor -2 is a cakewalk, but in the grand scheme of VO2 workouts this is just beginning to dabble into the easier side of things.


It is among the less demanding VO2max workouts.

In comparison, check out Joe Devel +1. The second set is at 130%, 30s on, 15s off. So you get the same 30s work interval at 10% higher power, yet half the recovery.

This one’s found in the 2nd week of Short Power Build LV.


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I had an easy time with it too…30 on/30 off are relatively easy for me…push the interval up to 2 minutes and its a totally different story.

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There is definitely a VO2max:FTP relationship but it changes, and probably faster and more drastically than with other zones (Z1/2/3).

As others have said, VO2max is a fairly wide zone, and even TR condones experimenting with different lengths and intensities to find your repeatable (very important) VO2max power/%FTP.

Keep at it! :+1:

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Well god dayum now I don’t know what to believe, anymore!

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Such is the great conundrum of VO2max. :wink:

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