Vittoria Pit-Stop

I went back to using latex tubes rather than a tubeless set up for my road bike during important events or races. Has anyone used Vittoria Pit-Stop? General experience? Thumbs up or down?

I’ve used one in the front wheel on my TT bike and I’ve been happy with it mainly as its never p’tured but it doesn’t leak air too quickly which I think some latex tubes are prone too. I’ve nothing to compare it to other than a butyl tube though and whilst everyone tells me it’ll roll/handle better I can’t say I can perceive it.

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So you used it preemptively or after a puncture? I’m thinking of carrying a can for emergencies/punctures.

I never really used it because of any p’ture protection, merely that it was supposed to roll faster on TTs. Its p’ture record (and touch wood it continues) is just a bonus.

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Have you tried CaffeLatex in your tubes?


I had some when I had vittoria Tubs on my TT bike, and assumed it would be a good puncture repair, but quickly realised that:

  1. The can was quite big to carry. Was not easy to find an aerodynamic way to do so.
  2. It would help with the front wheel, but not a disc wheel rear tub puncturing as access was awkward. Unless I also carried a 90 degree thingy and other bits. Basicaly it was a pain so I never carried it or used it.

I had Continental tubs with butyl inners and later swapped to vittoria tubs with latex inners. Later I swapped wheels and moved to GP5000 clinchers with latex inner tubes, but again, just relied on changing the inner tube if I punctured as it was usually TT over.

My understanding was that it is a repair after a puncture solution, but the Vittoria site says it can be used as a preventative.

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Have not and not too familiar. From what I can see it’s tubeless sealant correct but, more latex friendly?

It’s also used in tubes, I’ve never tried it.

I put Orange Seal in my tubes and it sealed the small wires that get picked up from road riding.

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