Those riding tubulars... what do you carry for punctures?

To those of you who ride tubs, what do you carry on rides to use in the event you get a puncture? Any tips on avoiding punctures (e.g. I’ve seen some people recommend tubeless sealant in the tub tyre). Cheers!

I dont know why, I cannot switch to tubeless on my roadbike. pressure and speeds look ridiculous to risk it.
I am running on latex tubes with Continental GP 5000TRs and carrying this dude for punctures. thanks to god never needed it :slight_smile:

Thanks! I run tubeless on most of my bikes, but for various reasons I do have a bike which has some good tubular wheels on it. I will be running Gatorskins for ultimate puncture protection(!) but I’ll get some of that Pit Stop stuff for sure. Cheers

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When I rode tubulars I just carried an extra tubular tire pre glued.

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the one on post is the MTB version but look for the proper version.

(Note that I’m assuming you’re talking about no-kidding sew-up, glue-on tubular tires, and not standard clincher tires with inner tubes here…)

I raced my tris on tubular tires for about ten years. I used those exclusively for races so they had max tread thickness, usually 500 miles or so on the tires and I’d change them each season to make sure the glue was fresh and tires safe.

For longer or key events, I did experiment with sealant in the tires and I think I had a puncture seal up in my last 70.3. But it was kind of a pain to work with. Maybe it was the difference between a tubeless valve and a valve on a tubular wheel. Dunno.

I now run tubeless on my road training wheelset and will switch my TT/triathlon wheelset over to tubeless as well when that time comes. I sold my tubular wheelset.

To me, tubular tires are for people with unlimited time, professional mechanics and chase cars. I let those wheels go for next to nothing and was happy to retire them after ten years of screwing with them.


My cell phone so someone can come pick me up. Too many issues with tubulars over the years for me so I had to swap.


Before Tubeless became a thing folk used things like this on Tubulars.

I’ve no idea how effective it is though, perhaps this gives an idea.

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I rode tubulars for ~20+ years…towards the end, I started using TUFO sealant inside the tires and that worked great. This was before the newer tubeless sealants were common, so I can’t speak to how they would work in a tubular.

I would also carry a TUFO track tubular as a spare. Would fold up VERY small, not much more than an inner tube. Never had to use it though as the sealant always seemed to take care of any issues I had.

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FWIW, I used CaffeLatex and carried the Effeto Mariposa on my races on Tubulars. As mentioned, I’m pretty sure it sealed up one puncture in my last race, but it also made it hard to deal with the valve extenders, etc. Maybe now that I’m more fluent in tubeless, I could do it better, but I’ll never go back to a tubular wheelset.

I always used a Tufo track tire under the saddle with a very light brushing of glue on it. No sealant in my regular tires. Rarely used the spare.

Unless I did a overzealous amount of gluing on the wheels I could swap a tubular faster than I can change a tube.

A cellphone was ready for a second flat though that never happened.

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This thread brings back memories of people debating tape or glue. I was always a die hard glue guy. Miss the feel of Veloflex and Vittoria tubulars.

Wear your spare.


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