Video on Strava... coming next week to everyone

Just came across this in my feed.

He adds in the comments “Rolling out to everyone next week”.

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Pardon my cluelessness, but what are we supposed to take from that?

Lol… Video is coming to Strava, which is awesome… Not… Just another annoying thing that kills social media for me

Maybe if we’re lucky it’s premium only :rofl:


A few months ago I got a survey from Strava about being able to embed/attach videos to an activity. I’ll admit that I was somewhat negative about it as I’d rather they fixed existing problems first then add features that have been asked for for some time like direct messaging.


OK, I guess they are taking the plunge deeper into the social media sphere then. Presumably to meet the 5-second attention spans that drives Insta, Tick and the other time wasters… got it :stuck_out_tongue:


Was simply sharing.

I could see a good use case for cycling or fast moving activities. Maybe a finishing sprint in a race… Or moment in a group ride…

Unfortunately, it will most likely be what everyone has already noted above, uninspring selfie clips.

Oh gaaawd. It’s bad enough when a mate posts a short video on YouTube and you find it is 20 minutes too long.

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  • My first post wasn’t meant to be critical in any way. I just didn’t put 2 + 2 together, so asked for some help to understand.

As to my cynical 2nd reply… just lump me in with other curmudgeons as I am apparently a Gen-Xer headed that way :wink:


What they really need to do is improve the comment section of things. Allow people to post pics, edit posts, react to posts (like/dislike/laugh etc). It would make strava a lot more fun.



I almost fainted. I put in a ticket back in 2016 to be able to edit goals (or rather to delete past goals) and I just checked a while ago and was able to delete them!

Never thought I’d see the day.

Re: Video
When my kids were younger we got a GoPro and started filming everything. I filmed myself skating, playing basketball, skiing, and cycling. Good lord I look stupid doing everything I love. Thankfully we didn’t have video back in the day, I would’ve stopped doing all of it.

Can’t wait to see 5sec videos of people’s pedals and chains. Quick clips of your squeaking disc brakes, can’t wait!


It’s even worse when it’s 19-min long and it’s still 20 minutes too long.


30 second max video length which still might be too long. I think it’s a nice addition however.


Perfect for uploading an entire ride from the RTL715 which loves 30 second chunked videos! :slight_smile:


Strava was the Facebook of sports…then it became the Instagram of sports…
Not it’s only logical to become the TikTok of sports…


You forgot the Twatterati…

Strava - we are out of ideas :thinking: what new feature can we add? Videos, that the ticked :rofl:

Count me in the camp of seriously underwhelmed by this. Strava should fix the newly released


Now you can watch people drink their post-ride coffee instead of just looking at a pic of the coffee cup.