Video Analysis - What to Do When you Bridge to a Breakaway

We’re sponsored by Maxxis, so that’s all I have run for the last few years. I think once the High Road tubeless comes out, I’ll be a very happy camper. The Padrones are great, but more like a Training/Racing tire rather than a full race setup.

I will say, I used to really like the feel of Specialized Turbos. I always opt for a little bit more grip if I can. As a bigger guy, I really think the grip going through the corners is what saves the most energy. I would try out a few different sets, play with pressures, and ride them all the time to get the feel for them. When you trust your tires and they “feel” good, I think you race the best.


agree with you on tires, I’ve tried all the fast tubeless tires and the Specialized S-Works Turbo Road Tubeless were hands down my favorite.

Two things limiting me on crits: fitness and cornering. Need to start working on cornering as I’m scrubbing off way too much speed right now.

Thanks that makes a ton of sense!

@Nate_Pearson really liking the race analysis videos, I’m gonna expect some MTB race analysis at some point though!