Video Analysis - What to Do When you Bridge to a Breakaway

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Nice video! First thing that went through my mind was why did all those guys attack up the climb early on, only to coast down the other side?!!


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Two things that stuck out to me:

  1. Wow, those roads are terrible.
  2. Why on earth did the break let you sit on for so long?

I think they were tired, but I don’t know for sure.

Another reason I went tubeless riding the wonderful roads of the Central Valley!


A: Cat. 4.

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Likewise! (In Scotland)

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Really good video and analysis, thanks.

What pressure did you run in those 28s?

I thought it was funny how calm they’ve looked. Whenever I’ve bridged up to breaks it seems like you get about 3 rotations to recover until the yelling starts. If the yelling doesn’t work they’ll purposely gap you.

  1. Pete would have been in the 70s I believe. He likes really low pressure.

what tires is Pete running? We had a strong tailwind Wed night and fast speeds in one section, I was running 70 in Zipp Tangente and it felt a little low hitting all the cracks at 28-33mph.

@pete :point_up:

What width are you running? The wider the tire the less pressure.

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I had a nail destroy a tire coming down Folsom Auburn, conveniently in front of Folsom Bike. All they had was Zipp RT-25 so its a little narrow for my tastes. Did you roll with Vittoria Corsa something for Snelling?

@Pete mentioned that @Nate_Pearson didn’t have to pull through until they “make you work”. How does that happen? Can you explain a bit about what they could do to “make you work”? Attack?


@bbarrera I’m usually running either Maxxis Padrone TR in 25s on Enve 7.8s or 5.6s. With tubeless I run usually 74-75, just like Enve recommends. Lately, I’ve been running the new Maxxis High Roads in 25 at around the same pressure. I weigh around 205lbs and that seems to be the sweet spot. I have noticed that potholes make the wheels feel a little low, but I think that’s just because we have ridden that high pressure for so long. I haven’t pinch flatted yet…:crossed_fingers:

@Pete thanks, I’ve got Enve 5.6 and weight about the same. Took a hard hit on a pothole at ~30mph on Wed night and didn’t pinch flat, but yeah, it does make the wheels feel low. How do you like the Maxxis compared to other tubeless?

@neva6 I think there are a couple ways that you are forced into working. The easiest one is to attack, like you said. If the rider who just bridged has an interest in winning the race, they will start to work to bring back the rider/riders who attacked or bridge across themselves. Once it’s a new breakaway, the bridger is obligated to work again.

The other option is someone can drop the bridger off the back of the breakaway and make them close down the gap. That usually only happens once or twice before they decide working is a better way to spend their energy.

Finally, just verbal warnings that someone had better start to working or one of the above will start happening usually makes someone acquiesce to pulling through. Remind them, it doesn’t have to be hard, but a full rotation is faster than someone sitting on the back.