Vermont Grand Fondo - tire selection

Yep! This all sounds great. The 11-40 will also be a life-saver late in the day when you’re on gaps four, five, and six. Was really hoping to make it this year, but it always seems to conflict with a non-negotiable family commitment. Gonna try to do a little shuffling next year to see if I can make it.

And it really is a beautiful ride. The Mad River Valley and nearby areas are super beautiful over the summer, and there’s tons of great food and beer. Grateful Gravel is in the same area, as well.


I’ve ridden it twice (June 2023 and June 2022) on 34x34 (road bike Conti GP500s)… I am a 75 kg 250 FTP guy. 19-20 min @ 260 W and 171-173 BPM HR (max Hr is 181) LOW cadence. There is no way I could of ridden it without dismounting had I not done some serious lengths of it while paper boying (zig-zagging to take some slope out). the road is so narrow there is not much room to do that either. The last quarter mile is wicked challenging if you are not a big FTP guy. The first half of the climb I found myself wondering if I would make it then about 1/2 through both times I changed my mindset and said there is no way I am putting a foot down… in the end the sense of accomplishment is HUGE. So don’t be scared off by what I say, but rather take the challenge, prepare well, and enjoy every second of the misery! I lived in Boulder for 6 years and this was the toughest climb I’ve ever personally done.


Where did you end up for cadence? Sounds like you were around ~3.5 w/kg at the time so glad to hear it’s managable (even if totally brutal!).

52 rpm average… down to low of 45 rpm and lots in the 55-65 range.


:grimacing: well done :grimacing:

Did you do much low cadence training beforehand? Thinking I probably should!

when you are a 3.2 w/kg FTP person you naturally get a lot of lower rpm training if you have any hills around you as anything above 4 or 5% grade puts you into the red if you try to maintain your normal 90 rpm spin even with 34x34… so to keep things sweetspot or below means < 70 rpm usually. Your’re lucky with your high w/kg. As you said above you see a lot of sweetspot in your future on lincoln gap. The way I had to look at it was how can I stay below max heart rate so I can summit it without stopping…


Following up on my post from last year, I didn’t end up riding the Giant TCR, but rather a Trek Emonda. 34x34 gearing and 30mm Conti Grand Prix tubeless worked great. I was concerned about the dirt roads, but now I appreciate how buttery smooth they can be under the right conditions.

Dreading the fact that Lincoln Gap is the LAST climb on the 145+ mile version of the ride this year. Saving energy for that will be the name of the game if i want to make it up again without unclipping.


For folks who have done the ~109 mile route, what was your moving time? I know that’s like asking how long is a piece of string but just trying to get an idea.

I did an ride back in Oct 2023 that was 102 miles and 8400’ of climbing. Moving time was 6:16, avg power 232W and NP 261. FTP was ~25W lower then (~3.4w/kg), but I also had a whole summer of riding in my legs so durability was good.

The VT Grand Fondo route looks to be 109 miles and 10k ft, but Best Bike Split (for similar power) has me at 6:31. W/kg is 3.5 now (finished 3x20 threshold last week so think the number is reliable), but this time seems very optimistic :thinking::sweat_smile: given the extra climbing/distance.