Vector 2 right pedal underreport (only outdoor/low temp)

Hi, when outdoors my right pedal underreport 30-50% (cold temp 10 degrees)
Indoors it seems alright.

Tried to retighten pedal, pod on off , batteri out for a while then in.

Reinstalled angles and so on, calibrate before rides.

Can pod change fix?, other tips?.

Started to get frustrated after to many tries and fails, wondering about going single sided and turn right pedal off.

Tried with new pod.
Same results, did 40 min ride indoors, works within 1% of neo.
Jumped out, worket ok for 5 min then right pedal drops 50% for the rest of the outdoor ride.

Any tips?.

Can i set up my double vector as 1 sided (left only?)??

I have these pedals, never seen that issue but then I’ve not been looking at l/r power particularly as I’ve only been riding indoors with TR and not sure it’s possible to see l/r split in TR is it?