Power meter pedal accuracy after pedal strike

I foolishly decided to pedal through a tight corner yesterday and had a pedal strike with Garmin Vector 3 pedals. The strike took the door off the pedal but I was able to gather up door and battery and put back together without any apparent issues aside from replacing o-ring. Both pedals are communicating power back to head unit but I am curious if the power meter data can be trusted.
Anyone have any info regarding this?


I’ve done the same to my Garmin Vector 3 two times before. Always worked fine afterwards.

Crashed just yesterday and had the same thing happen again, but I’m hopeful that it’ll be fine.

Writing this made me think about my cornering…

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Thanks for the reassurance. I will give them a go and see how the numbers look.

Same happened me when I attempted to put some riders into the gutter with crosswinds, pedal strike with the curb with battery door flying off :smiley:

Had the same concerns but power thankfully perfect since.

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I would think any problem would manifest as a strange L/R balance. If the reported L/R balance is consistant with what you had before then I’d say all is good.

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