Using cleaning wipes on bike

Does anyone have any experience using cleaning wipes on a bike?
I have started using Grimex wipes ( google: ‘Grimex wipes’). They do a good job, helpful if you don’t have a hose, and say they are ok for bikes. I wipe the bike down and then use a damp cloth to wipe off any residue that may be left behind.
Any forum wisdom appreciated…

I don’t know about Grimex wipes. I use wet baby wipes on both chain and bike. Then wipe off with cloth (bike). Works Great :slight_smile:



I use baby wipes to get the grease off my hands after working on my bike…which really makes me wonder what kind of toxic stuff babies are pooping out that we need wipes that strong!! :rofl:

When I travel, I usually throw a pack of Pledge wipes in with my bike so I can clean it after rides.


Automotive quick detailer and micro fibers for me. When they are clean I use them to clean the bike. Once they get a little dirtier I use them to clean the drivetrain before tossing.


Been using baby wipes on chain and frame for a while. Works well.


I use wet wipes for nearly everything on my bike. Clean everything!


I used to use multiple baby wipes. I got a portable washer for the Christmas before last though and use it/ muc off to take off the most of the grime/grease and use a baby wipe to finish it off.

I’ll be the first to admit that “I’m not normal”. But I’m also pretty deeply buried in the world of exotic cars, so I use this stuff on my bikes and it works great (even a matte black Canyon):


So if its indoor rides, wipes would definitely be fine. If you have outside grime/sand, i wouldn’t recommend it as if would scratch/mar the pain on the bike which would kill the shine on it.
I see as im typing this that @Jack_Russell_Racing kinda understands this lol

Quick detailer and a microfiber cloth to wipe down is great for light duty stuff, with heavier duty you might wanna loosen with more water first. Often times when i’ll clean my car, or motorcycle, i’ll use what’s leftover in the soap bucket to clean the bike frame. Keeps it looking brand new! Bonus points if you get a quick spray wax on it (just takes an extra minute)

How exotic? :drooling_face:

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Ferrari, Maserati.

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Hopefully the good Maseratis before MOPAR turned them into fancy Dodge Chargers (I’m looking at you Ghibli).

Yes. I cover Ferrari models from ~ 1985-present (from the bread-n-butter 8 cylinder cars though the limited production models and supercars), and Maserati from 2002-2014, with a hard exclusion of the Ghibli and Levante.

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Funny, I was thinking about getting some bike wipes.

BTW- Even the cheap Amazon basic microfiber cloths clean very well. Guess I need to order some of the detailed spray. But I tend to wash my bike almost every weekend, usually after the Sunday ride. The muc-off nano spray makes it real easy.

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I bought some of the Silca Gear Wipes when they had them on sale, and I am more impressed with them than I expected to be. They’re great at wiping my ti frame without leaving any streaks – which has been a challenge even with the old standby Lemon Pledge and Pedro’s Bike Lust. Then when I’m done with the detail work I can use them on chains and other grimy stuff.


Baby wipes for the win! Then some muc off spray and they’re shiny and smell nice. Plus grub doesn’t seem to stick as much.

What about house cleaning whipes (with alcohol)?

I hate how baby wipes smell, so I just bought a thing of Iso, dumped it into an old spray bottle, and now it’s my standard cleaner. Spray spray spray, microfiber, done.

I’m using these from Lidl but I’m concerned how bad is this for bike…


Applies to bikes as well.