Using cleaning wipes on bike

There is an environmental/disposal problem here. Most ‘wet wipes’ are not readily bio-degradable, as most are made of polyester and polypropylene. If you are simply binning them, they end up in land-fill. Many ‘wet wipes’ get flushed down the toilet and as they do not decompose they end up blocking drains (not that I am suggesting you have been flushing them of course). Soapy water and a reusable cloth would create less waste. Just a thought…


These work great. One side is semi-rough for chains and the other side smoother for frames, etc.


This is a valid point and concern.


Glass polish, spray onto a fabric cloth and wipe down the frame and chain if it needs it.
Then Mud-Off detailing polish to restore the shine, which also helps to prevent the muck from the next outing adhering to the freshly cleaned frame.

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Love that stuff!! Great for everything on the bike.

These are awesome. Silca also makes individually packaged ones that I keep in my seatpack (why? I am not sure, my partner put it there and it seems like it could be useful for… something…)