Using 1 cog on ultegra cassette on trainer with Sram Force XPLR bike

Hello there,
I’ve recently changed bike to Sram Force XPLR, but I have Taxc NEo with Ultegra cassette. I only use the trainer for trainer road in ERG mode so I use only 1 cog to have chaing in even possition to chainring. Do you think I’m damaging the chain if there is no XPLR cassette? I dont want to spend addtional money to new Hub and new/used force cassette for trainer.
What do you think? Thanks a lot

You’re worried about the flat top chain? It’ll work fine.
The flat top chain has bigger roller, but it’ll just ride a touch higher in the cassette. The bigger issue is that the chain is thinner and may stick to a thicker cassette. This usually isn’t an issue, but you might want to get a trainer specific chain 11sp chain with a quick link.
For a single ride, dont worry about it. The chain is going to die anyway, this will make it wear out a few rides earlier at worst.

If you want a cassette that will work with that chain for the trainer, the new AXS PG-1231 cassette might be your next best bet.


Constantly swapping chains on and off has a big risk of the master link failing / being improperly installed. Having a chain come apart at a bad time can have very ugly consequences. Better to leave it alone even if causes premature wear of the chain or cassette.

You can get an Apex 12s cassette for $100. It fits an HG freehub so no need to change anything else. SRAM PG-1231 Apex XPLR 12-Speed Cassette [00.2418.132.001]