Use AI and A-level Goal Event GPS files to Set Training Targets

Feature: TR Allow upload of target event GPS file to guide AI training program.

I am currently a master returning to training and would love it if my plan allowed the upload of a Gran Fondo GPS file to set target training plan.

I’m currently training for an 80 mile Gram Fondo and am not getting longer ride recommendations tha. 2 hours, nor hill climbing given my event has some really big climbs. It seems just setting a time in hours doesn’t account for the type of course you’re training for.

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We have a couple of changes you can make to your plan that might help with that!

You can get rides longer than 2 hours put into your plan by default – here’s how:

It looks like you’re on the right plan for your event from what I can see looking at your account. You’re getting VO2 Max and Threshold sessions leading into the Gran Fondo you have coming up. Both of those types of efforts will get you prepared for the climbing you’ll face.

The intervals themselves aren’t super long, but that’s because of where your Progression Levels happen to be at this time. It looks like you skipped most of your recent Threshold workouts, so your Progression Levels decreased because you hadn’t hit that zone in a while. With more consistent training, you’ll eventually get workouts slotted into your plan that have higher Workout Levels. Those more challenging sessions will generally start to have longer intervals as well.

I wouldn’t recommend jumping straight into higher-level Threshold workouts at the moment since that’s something you should work your way up to, but if you want to get some longer efforts in leading up to the Fondo, I’d suggest checking out our Workout Library and searching for “Productive” Tempo or Sweet Spot workouts. They’ll be at a lower intensity than Threshold, but you’ll still have plenty of longer interval sessions to choose from, which would still be good prep for long climbs.

Hope this helps! Feel free to let us know if you have any additional questions.

Thanks Zackery,

Any word on TR upload of a target event course and elevation profile to guide training?

Not at the moment. If we do, we’ll be sure to post about it in the future!

If the hill climbing is steep, it’s also worth trying to replicate that dynamic in training (and can be tough on a trainer). All watts are not the same, pushing x watts on the flats uses different biomechanics and muscle recruitment compared to pushing the same watts on a steep climb. You can do much of your “engine building” on the trainer, but try to work in some real climbing if you are able to. If limited to trainer, set resistance high to reduce the flywheel/momentum effect to best simulate climbing.

The gps upload thing isn’t a bad idea, but it’s really not hard to look at a profile and race type and figure out an appropriate training approach. Without the context of race type and how you will approach it, a given course can be ridden very differently.

The way to set your goal event in TR is pretty arbitrary it seems in that you set a duration of the event and how hard it is going to be, easy, hard, race, etc.

GPS data with elevation can perhaps lead to AI that prescribes specific sections to mirror key sections for say hill repeats and other cool things like perhaps recommending previously recorded outdoor rides or rides in Strava near an athlete that resemble a race or say Fondo

I would push back a bit on this. Fitness is fitness. While different types of events prioritize different aspects of fitness, as long as you have chosen the right type of plan and have adjusted your duration correctly, that is the important part. While there is some benefit of doing some hilly rides to give you confidence for your event, the most important thing is consistently hitting the threshold and vo2 workouts in your plan.

Thx for the feedback. I’m a huge fan of the AI (ie my TR e-coach) to assist with what the data are saying in terms of my progress against my my fixed goal event.

Note, I’m a 54 y/o coach to Grand Fondo athlete. Suggestions on duration adjustments based on all the data vs me adding time with my limited knowledge is what I struggle with.

I just would love to see with four to three months l
To train that TR “knows” the course of a race to help along the way.