USA Cycling concludes investigation of Salt Lake City criterium

Here you go:

and for those not wanting to click thru, here is the key paragraph from the announcement:

“USA Cycling notified the offending riders of the investigation results and subsequent suspensions on July 25. All three riders were offered reduced sentences if they accepted the investigation results and subsequent suspension and served community service in conjunction with those suspensions. Hernandez and Sierra accepted USA Cycling’s offer, with Sierra accepting a one-month suspension with eight hours of community service, and Hernandez accepting a three-month suspension with sixteen hours of community service. Williams requested a hearing as allowed by USA Cycling’s Policy III. A three-member panel heard Williams’ case and upheld the suspension. Williams then accepted the initial five-month suspension recommended by the investigator beginning on July 25.”

So Justin Williams is suspended until December 25, 2022 if my math is correct.


For those wondering who robert sierra is, I believe he’s the one who started the escalation by pushing Cory and Justin first