USA Cycling Announces 2021 Championship Schedule


Postponement schedule to be announced tomorrow.

(Too soon? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)


The only race I would enter is at a location to be announced soon. That’s a shame because Palo Duro is a great place to ride.

Oh my. Amateur Road Nats is one county south of me! How did they land that?

Not that I’m young enough to enter, but maybe go see and maybe worth seeing the courses they choose. Hmm. My current wheels aren’t UCI approved. Is that an excuse to buy new wheels? :innocent:

And looks like Jonathan’s event is scheduled for Winter Park, CO again, so…

Are most people continuing to pay their membership fee?

I was thinking about dropping it but noticed it was cut to $50 this year. I imagine they’re doing that to keep members, especially with the uncertainty of what 2021 will look like. But with the numbers we’re seeing now I wouldn’t shock me to not see much racing.

I saw the updated $50 fee too, and then noticed the additional $50 race fee. It’s a wash for me, as juniors are now free, so my costs stay roughly the same for our family. But it seems to me that charging an additional $50 race fee when a race season is uncertain isn’t necessarily best practice.

Ahh I see that now…I think I’ll cancel and signup later if there is racing.

Wasn’t the 2020 membership fee roughly 100$? So basically the only thing that changes is the Cat5/Novice fee is now 50$

I think you’re right, Andy. I couldn’t recall the cost, and I’ve always subscribed to the “Silver” level anyway, so am happy to continue supporting the cause (gotta get those USA cycling swag bags). I probably should have elaborated on that - that I’m happy to see a governing body exist to support our sport. But it still comes across as quite presumptuous with a separate racing specific fee when races are in question.

Which makes me wonder how many folks sign up for USA cycling memberships and don’t race?

There are two things I see here:

1 ) Novice Race membership is half price - Cheaper to try out the sport
2) I specifically states higher category racing
- I may be wrong here but I read this as USA cycling sanctioned gran fondos, open gravel races, etc would only require the 50$ membership.

Point two may just me being optimistic.

I think you’re right Andy on these points. Given how the pandemic affected this year’s events, this 2-tier pricing structure will hopefully keep USAC afloat. Since many if not most of us paid for a membership this year that amounted to nothing, the 1st option at least will retain some members and if racing does happen, then add the 2nd option. Otherwise if only non-race events happen, then USAC and promoters can get by with something at least.

Looking at the schedule, still some TBA open spots as I imagine events will get shifted if/when this pandemic improves or worsens.