USA Cycling events permitted as of June 1st?

Any one have any tips or info on USAC sanctioned road races that are still planning on being held this summer and fall? I believe that as of June 1st, events are allowed to be held at the discretion of individual directors and local government. Would really love to race some this year if possible. Thanks in advance.

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Maybe they will be releasing this the coming Monday?

With the continued impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, USA Cycling has been working to develop tools to help event organizers plan for the future of rides and races. On Monday, May 18 at 2:00 pm MDT, we are excited to serve the broader cycling community by hosting a free webinar for those in event organization as well as communities hosting cycling events. If you are unable to attend the live webinar a recording will be made available.

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Webinar is currently live. Link is in @mcneese.chad 's post above

Anything interesting to report?

Not particularly…Just off the top of my head:

  1. they shared the results of the survey. ~75% of people would go ahead with an event they had planned to do. Slightly more focused on local/regional racing.

  2. only about 30-40% of people would be willing to sign up for an event more than a week before. She mentioned that this may make race promoters nervous to hold events.

  3. insurance will still cover races, as long as that race is not being held against state and local laws. I’d you catch covid at a race and can prove it then the insurance may cover you

  4. part of the calculation for holding races is the public perception. So it’s a bit subjective but it’s good that that is being considered

  5. due to competitor separation, time trials may be the first form of racing to go on, then mountain biking, then road racing.

  6. then they went into the current research shows how it spreads

I’m sure I’m missing things. The slides and recorded presentation are up on USAF’s website.


I agree with @mwglow15’s summary. You can find the info here:

Survey results are up there. (The speaker went through a bunch of data verbally, which was kind of hard to follow… so I’m glad the full results are up.) They said something about parsing the data in different ways, but I don’t know if that will be released. I wish they presented the data differently on some of the slides… for Q15 they didn’t break down all of the datapoints by gender, and I suspect there is a big difference between the two. It looks like they are skewing the results to show that people will be happiest with huge (250+) field sizes, which is really surprising to me.

They said they were going to post the recording of the event on that page, as well.

There was a bit of discussion from Dr Roshon and Dr. Finnoff about risks etc., but I found that to be a little confusing and not totally helpful.

Also: there’s going to be another webmeeting on Thursday at 2pm MT about group riding. Maybe there will be more specific useful information there.

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Thank you for posting. Sounds fairly positive for the prospect of racing at some point this year. :+1:


Yea, I’d come to grips with having everything for the summer gone…would be really dissapointed if there was no CX in the fall though.

I wonder if the answer about the field sizes was skewed by the fact that most people compete in fondos or other more mass start events as opposed to your local crit races

Obviously that’s kinda their job but the overall vibe of their news at least sounded positive toward that possibility.

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I could see bracket racing for XC or CX actually being…kind of fun? Especially if there were dual lines to race?

The birth of the dyanmic duo of Upduro and Downcountry?


I sold my TT bike years ago but if this is the only way to race in 2020, I will likely buy another.

Looking at the Ohio section on USAC today anything that’s a real race with flyer/info/etc on it says cancelled, and the other ones with out real info on it don’t have anything.
Maybe something will come back in the fall but I’m of the belief there will be a major spike as soon as things open up and we’ll be back to where we are now. Thinking this year is just going to be the year of “just enjoy riding for riding”.

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Come race in Brown County (Indiana) the first weekend of June. Brian has a solid plan that should work pretty well so we can race.

Oh … don’t get mad at me about the start hill.

NB: USAC will still ONLY permit events if you have permission from your local government and landholder, whose laws override event permits. So remember, that’s the real driving force behind sanctioned events moving forward.

In yesterday’s meeting and all the preceding ones, they didn’t provide much “guidance” to event promoters, but have sent out suggestions for strategies to maintain social distancing guidelines. Drive-through packet pickup, handwash stations, new race formats, and the like.

Bottom line is they can’t really do much because every locality is going to be different. So it’s not a blanket “all events are on”.

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Yup they covered that. If the event goes on against local and state laws then the insurance and everything else associated with event is voided. I would assume this probably applies to any additional accident insurance you purchased on top of that.

This meeting sounded mostly like they want to have all of their ducks in a row so that once states start opening up and going back to ‘normal’ they are ready.