US Masters Road Champs 2020-2021

Saw this on the USA Cycling webpage… May mess up some peoples A race. Cedar City is higher elevation (5900ft), and can go up from there. About 3 hours from my house, so looking forward to going.


By: Bouker Pool January 09, 2020

“Festival City USA” will play host to world-class athletes July 30, 2020 through August 2, 2020

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – Cedar City, Utah, a multi-time host for the Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah and known for its world-class festivals, from the Tony Award winning Utah Shakespeare Festival to cars and films, has been awarded the 2020 and 2021 USA Cycling Masters Road National Championships. Some 800 athletes and their family and friends will descend on the picturesque southwestern Utah town, which serves as a gateway to Utah’s National Parks for the USA Cycling Masters Road National Championships, July 30 – August 2, 2020.

The Cedar City Corporation will partner with USA Cycling to this National Championships in 2020 and 2021. “Cedar City is delighted to team up with USA Cycling to stage this elite event that enhances Cedar City’s commitment to playing host to world-class festivals and events,” said Todd Hageman, Event Director of Cedar City.

The Road Race will take place in Iron County, starting with the Time Trial in the quaint town of Parowan and will race through the Parowan Gap, home to ancient native American petroglyphs dating back over 1,000 years. The Criterium will be in Cedar City around the tree-lined Southern Utah University Campus. Specific course details to be released shortly. “We are honored to showcase Iron County, the Parowan Gap and the Southern Utah University campus to the USA Cycling athletes and local residents for this event of national prominence.” said Hageman.

All competitors will be over 35 years old with some will be competing in their late eighties, according to USA Cycling’s National Events Manager Shawn Brett.

“We’re excited to work with Cedar City to host our Masters Road Nationals. This year’s event will, test participants among the breathtaking scenery of Southern Utah,” said Chuck Hodge, USA Cycling’s Chief of Racing and Events.

For more information on the 2020 USA Cycling Masters Road National Championships, visit: and

Visit for more information on the athletes, events and membership programs, and follow @USACycling across all channels for the latest on Team USA.

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Can’t. Wait.

stoked! it’ll be better than colorado springs!

Courses are posted here:

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The crit was a pretty poor design, but the RR was something we race all the time in CO. Twice a year actually at the Air Force base. But I’ll be looking forward to going to Utah. Not sure which ones I’ll do. RR and crit for sure. My biggest gripe are the fees to get in. I get it, but damn.

liked the RR for sure. the TT area was hurting IMO. and crit, yeah, idk. it was a hard weekend, had a blast, but ready to see utah

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On the latest podcast episode @Jonathan mentioned there might be a gravel section in the road race course. According to the most recent Google Street View, both S 5700 W and W 1000 S are gravel. Though the latest Street View is from May 2014.

Can anyone confirm these roads are still gravel?


We wrote a blog article on the 2020 Masters Nationals with some course tips.

Here’s the response I received from USA Cycling when I asked about the gravel section of the road race course:

I believe there is a short gravel section around 1k is all. It’s a flat easy road from what I recall.

BRANDON PRICE | Event Services Manager
O: 435-272-7751 | E:
210 USA Cycling Point | Colorado Springs, CO 80919

I chuckled when I read the last part. Let’s see how “easy” it is during a national championships when a pack over-zealous, old farts hit it! :wink:

I plan to check it out in person when I’m down there in a few weeks and will report back. I don’t trust these third-party reports. :thinking:

Good thing I sent my inquiry to multiple people as this reply reveals there’s more to the story:

Thanks for reaching out. The preliminary Road Race course online for Masters Road is currently in flux due to some possible construction in the area. We will keep our participants informed as we continue flushing things out in Cedar City.

Please let me know if I can answer any other questions for you.



SHAWN BRETT | National Events Manager
USA Cycling

I drove the course today (so my notes are backwards, but you can figure it out). Here is my recon, take it or leave it :slight_smile:
General. The course is mainly older roads (except for noted below). Coarse top, several patched areas, no pot holes. Overall NOT smooth. The course is mainly flat, and exposed. The exit back toward the start is a long false flat.
As corresponding to the map:

  1. Downhill with steep sharp right hand turn at 23k… like really steep 90 degree turn to really steep.
  2. Coarse gravel toppped section as photos below. Around 1/2 mile long.
  3. Current cut across at 9k to 10k. This is dirt. Real dirt, medium packed and narrow (~15’ wide). Legit dirt that if it rains it will be mud and is currently soft packed. The better option by far is to continue along the red dotted line (4) which is paved, I’m wondering if this section is an error and mis-marked on the mapmyride and instead we should continue along my red dotted line (I really can’t imagine riding a road race down the current dirt road)
  1. This is a bit more of a climb than one would think. 3k long and ~500’ of climbing and a decent pitch. The top then levels off for about 1k or 2k and then the steep downhill (1).

I hope this helps those that are looking ahead. Feel free to post any questions.
Masters RR
Right hand turn on the downhill and example of the road surface

The gravel topped section


Damn Tyson,
Thank You for that. I’m excited to ride if we are allowed.
Was planning to travel to see the coarse this week, but will stay home for now, because of the social distance thing.
Rusrty Slade I wont be heading that way for a while.

be well all!


Looks like this is next in line for a reschedule… :crossed_fingers:

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Anyone know if master road nats is still in Cedar City for 2021? I emailed USACyling but, curious if I missed anything? All others have been posted for a while…

Curious about masters road nats for '21 season as well, it’ll be the first year I’m eligible.

I emailed USACycling and Tara McCarthy responded nothing to report yet. They hope to have something to report by the end of November.

Bumping this. Looks like this is the only Nationals not scheduled yet.

Bumping this again, anybody hear of any updates on timing for Cedar City Masters Nats?

Update supposedly coming May 10